A cutscene begins the special mission. Jensen is leaving TF29. As he steps out of the elevator, he bumps into Peter Chang. Talk to him and hear what he has to say.

Then, Jensen goes into town and meets a woman who was in the station at the time of the attack. Sympathize with her and Absolve her. When she’s wavering, use Coax to get some XP and the most possible intel about the bombings.

This soon finishes the conversation and you’re taken to the subway, via another cutscene.

Jensen meets a security guard with Tarvos Security. He stops you, and then Jensen gets control. You’re able to move around freely and really start the mission.

Desperate Measures

Get Evidence About the Train Bombing


Reach the Tarvos Command Center

Find the Lieutenant’s room

Search for evidence

Take the train back to headquarters

Map Legend

01: Starting position

02: Storage room with vents

03: Pair of guards

04: Door (1029)

05: Vent, higher up

06: Elevator area (well guarded)

07: Storage room (multiple items)

08: Door (1703)

09: High jump to upper tiers

10: Storage room

11: Vent (top of warehouse)

12: Security room

13: Lieutenant’s room

You begin the mission with a huge number of Praxis. You don’t have to worry about Overclocking, which means that you can buy experimental augmentations without having to disable anything.

Create a build for yourself. You can make a good stealth build with Remote Hacking, Glass-Shield Cloaking, Hacking Capture Level 3, Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis, and some energy augs.

You start in the subway station. Turn around and enter the storage room in the back. Jump onto some crates and break into the vent system. Use it to cross above the main subway platform, but look on the northern edge of the catwalk. Another vent is there, and it takes you much farther in. You can also get a Biocell from a side branch in the next part of the vents.

The ducts take you to a smaller room. Two guards are talking about their problems and won’t likely notice anything going on. When they split up, the eastern side of the region becomes safe to enter. Creep over there and keep going until you reach a door. Input the code (1703) to unlock it, or hack the device.

A laser fence protects the next hallway. Circumvent it using a breakable vent farther back, hack the lasers remotely, or hit the terminal close by to turn them off. This terminal is a level 3, so it requires a bit more oomph than the others on that tier of the facility.

Get to the end of the laser hall, climb up a little, and then use High Jumps to reach level 3. Takedown a sitting guard in the storage room. He’s clueless unless you make some noise. Then, go quietly into the warehouse to the south. Many guards are there, and some are in Exo Suits. Don’t cause trouble.

Instead, turn right and use the red storage unit on the wall to High Jump onto a tiny walkway above. A vent is there, and no one can see you go into it. Cross through the vent and jump down to a security room. Hack the computer inside it and disable everything that you can.

Use the only door of the room to leave and make a tiny bit of noise. This draws the lone guard of the area toward you. Hide by the stairs and ambush him there, and then proceed north. Use Remote Hacking to turn off a laser fence to get past that obstacle, and follow the only real way forward until you get to the stairs.

Remote Hack turns off a camera on the next floor, which wasn’t controlled by the computer that you already hacked. Disable it briefly and get past it. Keep climbing all the way to the top. There’s another camera, but you can sneak under it, hide, and hack that device, too.

Level 4 is at the top of the steps. The office you’re trying to reach is up there. Knock out a guard on the balcony, and stay on the northern side of the level. Hack another camera, in front of the lieutenant’s room, and go inside to talk to the officer in charge.

You won’t convince him to help you no matter what you say, so don’t worry about the consequences. Knock the lieutenant out as soon as the conversation ends; this won’t count against your Ghost/Smooth Operator tally, so everything is fine.

Use the code (4826)on the wall terminal at the back of the room. This opens a secret door. Loot the room beyond and open a safe to get the evidence you need. Listen to it, and then call Chang.

Leave the facility, retracing your steps. There aren’t any new guards or patrols to deal with, so this should be fairly quick and easy. Get back to the bottom of the station and travel to Monument Station.

You’re done! Jensen gives the evidence to Chang and concludes the operation.