Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visit 1, After Meeting Koller

Confront Sarif


Call Sarif from your apartment

Return to your apartment and use your TV remote to call Sarif. Question him about the augmentations that Koller found. He gives you the contact information for a scientist who lives in Prague. Maybe he can help.

When you return to Prague for the second visit, this mission pops back up.

The Scientist’s Apartment


Go to the Scientist’s apartment and search

Go to the apartment in the northern end of Prague. It’s near TF29. Jump over a fence into a courtyard, and look for the marked apartment above you. If you move a trash can beside the storage building, you can high jump from the can onto the roof. That lets you approach the scientist’s balcony without any trouble.

Search the apartment for evidence of anything that has transpired. Jensen calls Sarif when he gets in there, and that’s all that you need to do, but hacking the computer gets you more information and XP. Then, there is a hidden safe on the left wall. Break into that for even more evidence.

Sarif won’t get back to you until your third visit to Prague, when this mission continues.

Contact Sarif Again


Return to your apartment and call Sarif

During your third Prague visit, you’re called by Sarif when you go back to TF29. After that, you can return to your apartment and call him on your TV. Ask any questions that you can. This completes the Side Mission.