Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visit 2

Visit Koller


Meet Koller again

Return to Koller’s secret lab. You can take the sewer entrance to get there quickly. It’s marked on your map. This Side Mission is available late in your second visit to Prague, after you’ve finished with either The Heist or Confronting the Bomb-Maker. You must have the Calibrator to do this. You should have either gotten that from Otar Botkoveli, or found it during your vault robbery in The Heist.

This won’t take long. Talk to Koller and he fixes your augmentations so that you no longer need to worry about overclocking. You can activate all of your augs without side effects. In fact, anything that you disabled previously becomes available once again!

The conversation with Koller changes depending on many factors. His difficulties with Otar and your work during The Calibrator, in Golem City, and during All in the Family, all have an influence on this.