Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visit 1

Get the Calibrator


Seek out Otar Botkoveli in his casino, on the northern end of town

Convince Otar to give you the Calibrator, or steal it from the casino

Otar Botkoveli has a Calibrator, so he’s the guy you need to talk to. Take the subway to Palisade Station and track this Side Mission so that you can see where the casino is hidden. It’s below the streets, so you must look for a manhole cover somewhere close by.

Jump over a fence south of Tubehouse Electronics, and look for the sewer entrance in the yard beyond (there are also two storage units there with really nice loot if you feel like stealing anything).

Go down into the sewers and walk over to the casino; it’s close by. Otar is there and greets you in a cutscene as soon as you arrive. You can convince him to hand over the Calibrator, for the promise of a future favor. To do this, give him the following answers:

1: Straight Talk

2: Straight Talk

3: Dodge

He respects this direct line of conversation and tells you to go upstairs and take the Calibrator from his office. You get a huge amount of XP for doing this so cleanly, which is quite nice.

However, even getting the Calibrator now doesn’t mean that you can return to Koller yet. He won’t be ready for you until Prague Visit 2, so just hold onto that Calibrator for now.