Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visit 3

Investigate the SOS


Enter the sewers in southern Prague

Talk to Little K

You get a POI during your third visit to Prague. Go to southern Prague and enter the sewers. Follow the waypoint to meet with a woman named Little K. If Milana survived her Side Mission, she will be in the same place. Talk to her! You also find whichever of the Augs that you saved during “The Golden Ticket.”

These people are in desperate shape because of the police crackdown. K needs your help to get everyone out of the city. Accept her mission if you want to do this.

Infiltrate the Makeshift Police Station


Travel to Monument Station

Get into the temporary police station

Unlock Samizdat

Go to Monument Station, in northern Prague. Make sure to avoid the laser fences at the station’s exit, because they set off a major alert. Instead, jump onto the regular fence nearby, and high jump from there onto the street above and behind that position. The cops will be none the wiser.

Sneak or break your way into the marked police station near the subway station. There are robots, police, and a couple of men in exo suits in that area. It’s busy, and they’ll shoot on sight.

Leave the street by its eastern side to get closer to the objective. You can sneak most of the way there without trouble, but crossing the last street is tough because there are clusters of cops on each side. An alarm gets you into way too much trouble, so Invisibility is a life saver. However, a player can lure the cops south and quietly ambush them if you prefer another approach.

If an alarm is triggered, get out your best weapons and dash into the police station before a substantial force gathers. From the basement stairs you can attack the cops that arrive, killing them from relative safety.

When the coast is clear (however you get it done), use the Keypad in the police station basement to unlock the cells. Open them and talk to K.

Tell him to Play it Cool, so that you have a chance to get these people out of here safely. Only take Guns Blazing if you’ve already cleared the street, because it’s very easy for K and the others to get killed with that method.

Safely Exit the Police Station


Lead K and the other captives away safely

Talk to K in a shop, a couple of blocks away

Let the other two leave the station first, if you’re using the disguise method. This is a very safe way to proceed. Use Invisibility to follow them through the next couple of checkpoints. If you’re geared for battle and don’t have Invisibility, then it’s fine to have K and the others wait while you clear the way for them.

You get credit at the end of the mission even if the crew gets injured. You just need to get things done. But the best way is to ensure that no one gets killed.

Talk to the group in the cleaning shop farther down to end the mission.