Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visit 3

Check Up on Daria


Go to Jensen’s apartment building

Meet Detective Montag

Find Clues about Daria

Visit TF29 during your third trip to Prague. As you leave, you get a call from Daria as long as you’ve completed “The Harvester.” She pleads with you to come back to your apartment building. Do this when you can.

Talk to Detective Montag outside of Daria’s home, on the third floor. Then, hack your way inside the apartment and search it thoroughly. You find many clues:

  • Diary in the bedroom, on the bed
  • Cat Collar in the bedroom, near her laptop
  • Blood on the floor, on the left side of the living room
  • Textbook in the living room, by the far wall
  • Accessory in the closet
  • Bloody Number in the closet, near a vent (698843)

Once you have all of them, hack into Daria’s laptop, in her bedroom. You find some information that leads you in another direction. We strongly suggest that you follow this lead.

Follow the Trail


Seek Dr. Cipra (Optional)

Learn the special phrase (Optional)

Track the blood trail to see where it leads

Stop The Harvester

Take the subway north and look for pharmacy in the central part of Prague. Dr. Cipra is working there, or hiding there if nothing else. Talk to him, but don’t expect him to give up anything easily. Instead, hack into his room upstairs or use the Pocket Secretary on the counter to get the code. When you’re upstairs, move his fridge and look for an eBook in a hidden recess. Talk to Cipra about what you found and learn a special phrase.

Return to Daria’s apartment and go into the closet. Open the vent and follow a horrible path of blood that leads outside. Drop to the ground level and look for a nearby sewer entrance. The path continues below.

It leads into a circular brick tunnel that’s close to the ladder you climbed down. Crouch and crawl through it and walk into the room ahead. You soon meet The Harvester. You can try all manner of conversation options to stop The Harvester, but none of them actually succeeds in preventing a confrontation.

When the conversation ends, you are suddenly surrounded with laser fences. A Smoke Mine fills the area, though that actually protects you as much as it makes things harder to see. The Harvester has a Titan augmentation, so your attacks won’t work very well. The best method is to turn on Smart Vision to see through the smoke, charge The Harvester, and use a basic Takedown to end the fight.

Search The Harvester to get much more information and to complete the Side Mission.