Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visit 2

Talk to Montag


Discover the crime scene south of your apartment

Talk to Daria at the crime scene

Talk to Detective Montag

Investigate the scene

Go back to your apartment building and leave via the southern hallway. This takes you to the scene of a murder. Several people are standing around. Talk to a rumor monger to learn a little bit about the situation, but then approach a nervous woman named Daria. She knows much more, but she’s terrified. Try to sympathize with her and then accept her mission to investigate this murder.

Walk toward the group of police and speak with their detective. His name is Montag. Agree to help the guy figure out what’s happening here, and then start to look around the crime scene. Smart Vision helps!

Crime Scene Evidence
  • A Screwdriver is in the victim’s body
  • Marks are on the victim’s body
  • Bruises are also on the victim’s body
  • An EMP Fragment is in the street, several feet away from the body
  • There’s an ID Card on the ground near Daria
  • Broken Glasses are near a cop and an onlooker
  • An Augment is crushed into the wall, to the right of the body

Talk to Daria again once you’re done collecting evidence. Exhaust all of her conversations options to learn as much as you can. It’s now time to talk to the victim’s husband.

Talk to Johnny Gunn


Go to Johnny Gunn’s apartment

Search for clues

Take the subway to Pilgrim’s Station, in the northeast. The apartment you’re trying to find is nearby. Go to the second floor and meet Mr. Gunn. Question him about the murder. Ask about Belltower, Angela, and his attitude. Then, search his apartment for a Medical Form. It’s close to the bed, in the main room.

Return to Montag with all of this information. Do not complete the case. Instead, ask about Radko Perry (a suspect) and tell Montag about all of the evidence you found, like the Marks, Needle, etc.

Together, this adds two optional goals to your mission. You must pursue those if you want to get to the real answers. Take the sub north again and go to the police station. Hack into their basement and search the back-right side for some lockers. Open those and take Smolenski’s Notes out of them. They refer to a serial murder called the Harvester. Interesting!

Meet with Radko. He’s at his political headquarters. Talk to him outside, but you won’t get much. Exhaust everything that he has to say. When he’s done, sneak into his building. Crouch to avoid being seen, and knock out the secretary. Or, use the vents before the dumpster to get in without having to Takedown anyone.

Enter the basement and examine a Bear’s Head, then hack into the computer system and use Messenger. Negotiate with Ivanka, and then Bluff. You get major evidence out of this, but that’s still not all. The safe on the ground floor has a picture that is political death for Radko. Make sure to get it.

Report Back to Montag


Talk to Montag

Exonerate both suspects

Tell Montag everything. Try to exonerate both suspects with the evidence you’ve discovered; it takes pretty much everything in your arsenal, which is why you had to investigate so thoroughly during this mission.

This ends the case, but don’t worry. You will get to come back to this in your third visit to Prague (see “The Last Harvest”).