Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visit 2

One Last Favor


Follow the POI to the Red Queen

Talk to Masa Kadlek

To begin this mission, there are several things that have to be in order. You need to be in your second visit to Prague. You must also have promised to do favors for Otar Botkoveli. Then, you need to have either killed Gallois during Golem City’s mission or at least warned Gallois so that he disappeared. If you didn’t complete that mission or promise to do favors for Otar, then this will never trigger.

Otherwise, One Last Favor goes into your Points of Interest when you return to Prague. Follow that to begin. Enter the bar, head upstairs, and look for the Manager’s Office. Inside, Masa Kadlek is seated. Talk to her. Ask about her relative Dominik and then agree to grab him from the Dvalis.

Infiltrate the Dvali Safehouse


Go to the safehouse

The safehouse is right next door to the Red Queen, but it’s not that easy to get to without causing trouble. The entry to the courtyard is next to the bar, but it’s guarded by a number of Dvali thugs. If you’re willing to get loud, break right through them and take out the crew before you go into the courtyard.

To be silent, look for another passage a bit farther from the Red Queen. This leads to a sewer entrance. You can get into the courtyard by going under the streets, though there is gas below and without a Rebreather Aug you’re going to need to use some healing items as you rush through the gas-infested tunnels. Instead, look up from the sewer entrance! The building has a second-story entrance above you. A High Jump or a Biocell can get you in that route, which is so easy.

If you sneak toward the front entrance from inside the courtyard, using the cars for cover, you won’t get spotted. Go in through the front door, and then hug the walls to stay out of sight. Even lethal playthroughs must be careful here, because you’re not allowed to start an alert inside the building or the courtyard.

Find and Incapacity Dominik


Find Dominik and use a Non-Lethal Takedown on him

Carry Dominik to a storage locker, outside the Dvali compound

Seal Dominik inside the locker

There are cameras all over the place. Dominik is on the first floor, inside the laundry room. The walkways are all guarded, and most of the apartments throughout the building are, as well. There isn’t too much to steal, so that isn’t a top priority unless you’re clearing the place out in the future.

Avoid the cameras by moving cautiously when they’re turned away from you. Get to the stairs and climb to the third floor. Knock out the only guard who is on the walkways in the center, and then open the door that he’s near. The code is (0666) if you don’t want to hack it.

Go inside the room and look near the TV, on the left. Crouch down and search for a button underneath the entertainment center. Press that to open the control room for bonus XP. Go in there and use the computer inside to disable all cameras and alarm panels (just in case).

Next, go down to the first floor and knock out both guards. You can do this without difficulties once they’re far apart, but use noise to lure one away from the courtyard if you’re having any trouble. When they’re down, sneak into the laundry room and knock out Dominik.

Carry him to the second floor and use the balcony that overlooks the sewer entrance as an escape route. It’s much closer to the drop-off point for Dominik, and you won’t have to carry him past waves of guards outside.

Drop Dominik off inside the marked storage room and then close the door.