Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visit 2

Search Vince Black’s Office


Meet Dr. Auzenne in Miller’s office

Go to Vince Black’s office and search

You can’t start this Side Mission until you’ve gotten partway through the second visit to Prague. After going back to TF29 and using the NSN, you are asked by Dr. Auzenne to look into Vince Black’s whereabouts. As long as you agree, the mission begins.

Go to the other side of the same floor and search Black’s office. There’s a Train Ticket in there, by the wall. Also look on his computer and read both of the emails that are left on it. You can leave the office afterward.

Meet Vince Black’s Informant


Leave TF29 and meet the informant at the Red Queen

Go to the Red Queen, in the red light district. Look for a balcony on the third floor where a number of people are relaxing. One woman there stands out. Her name is Dobromila. Talk to her and Bluff. She starts pouring out details.

To gain Dobromila’s trust, you must help her out. Finish the conversation and leave the bar.

Go to the Meeting Spot


Go to the southern end of Prague and find the meeting spot

Get more information from Dobromila

Read the map you receive

Take the subway south and go to Dobromila’s marked meeting point. Don’t approach her as the meeting begins. Instead, get to the rear of the yard and wait for two armed men to enter. You have to stop them before they reach Dobromila, because they kill her if given a chance. If you want to be stealthy, then wait for the second man so that you can knock him out and still sneak up behind the first.

Either way, you must stop them. They don’t need to die, but both have to be incapacitated. Search them afterward, and then talk to Dobromila. To get what you need, either give her 350 Credits or hand over the Train Ticket that you found in Black’s office. She tells you about a storage unit that’s important, and then gives you the code, as well (2565).

If Dobromila dies, you should search the scene to get a map. This leads you to the storage locker even without Dobromila’s direct help.

Investigate Vlasta’s Locker


Go to the storage unit and get inside

Look for a woman named Olivie inside a hidden basement

Travel to Palisade Station and head west. The storage units are very close by. Use the code (2565) to get inside the marked unit, or hack into it. There’s a picture on the left wall. Interact with it to open a secret door. Descend into the basement and talk with the woman hiding there.

As you finish your conversation, an armed man named Vlasta arrives with two goons in tow. If you ask him about Vince, you get into a fight with all three of them. To avoid that, just say that you’re there to see Olivie out. Then, Appease Vlasta. He lets you and Olivie go about your business without any shooting.

Find Black’s Apartment


Go east, to Vince Black’s apartment

Find out what happened to Black

Black’s place is east, close to the red light district. Look for a crude entrance by the objective marker and go down into the basement. Search for everything you can, and talk to Auzenne when she calls. This completes the mission.