Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visits 1 or 2 (but you must talk to Peter Chang at T29 beforehand)

Find the Source of the Hacks


Talk to Peter Change in TF29

Talk to the clerk in the store above TF29

Go to the apartment building at 33 Hlavni

Break into the marked apartment and use a laptop inside

Log into Messenger and set up an appointment with the contact you find

Peter Change is on the second floor of the TF29 compound. Talk to him to start this Side Mission. Ask as many questions as you like and then accept the task. As you leave the compound, talk to the clerk inside the store. She provides more information about the hacks that have been occurring. You also learn about an apartment building that may be a place of interest in this investigation.

The apartment building in question is fairly close to TF29’s address, so this is a good mission to start as soon as you leave TF29 for the first time. Go to the building and climb to the third floor of the northern block. Make sure that you’re on the correct side of the building (there are two sets of stairs).

Hack into the apartment or jump to the windows and slip in through those. Once inside, find a laptop and gain access to it. The laptop has a Messenger service. Log into that, contact the person it links to, and set up a meeting. Just play it coy. Ask what the rush is, and then ask where the man is. He gives you directions.

Find Samizdat and Prevent Them From Exposing TF29


Find the manhole cover that’s marked as your objective

Climb down into the sewers and meet the Samizdat news group

A manhole is now marked as your objective for this mission. It’s in the same district, but on the southern side of it. Go down there and open the manhole, then climb down into the sewers. Follow the tunnels past several groups of homeless people, and keep going along the only major route until you find Samizdat. There are three people in a lower area with multiple computers and TV screens.

Talk to them. If you agree to help the group, they drop their investigation into TF29’s front.

Dig Up Dig in the CEO’s Office or Silence the Members of Samizdat


Kill or incapacitate all three members of Samizdat

Or proceed with the following

Go to the Palisade Property Bank

Break into the CEO’s office and steal a Dossier

Return the Dossier to K

Killing or even incapacitating all three members of Samizdat here ends things immediately. They’re not well armed, so it isn’t difficult to accomplish. As soon as you’re done, Jensen calls Chang and you’re awarded your XP. Though this route is very fast, you lose out on some very lucrative items compared to running through this quest the long way.

As long as you’re willing to see this through to the end, let everyone live. Leave the sewers and go to the western side of the district. The Palisade Property Bank is there. Enter and use the elevator inside a hallway to the left to get downstairs. Hack into an office below to get an Elevator Keycard. With that, you’re allowed to go to the third floor, where the CEO’s office is located. Do so!

When you’re up there, hack into the office on the left. There are two guards inside, protecting the private stairway into the CEO’s office. You can knock them out or sneak past them. Invisibility is a huge boost here.

Break into the office above and go to the security laptop. Hacking that lets you turn off the cameras, laser grid, and alarm systems in the bank. Everything is much easier afterward.

Then, use the puzzle on the northern side of the room. It’s a rotating table with three stacks of blocks. You need to configure it into a pattern of two blocks on the left, one in the center, and three on the right.

This puzzle is fairly manageable. The left block goes down each press you interact with the table. The middle one goes in a pattern from 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1. The right block always tries to go up.

Your goal is to get the table into a set of three left, three center, two right and then to interact a single time with the table. This shifts everything to show as 2, 1, 3.

Short version: Interact once, turn. Interact once, turn twice. Interact once. This opens the door.

If you dislike puzzles, try the ventwork behind the TV in the office. That can take you into the secret room, too. Either way, break into the safe inside the hidden area and get a Praxis Kit, Triangle Code, and a Dossier. Bring the information back to K, in the sewers.

Override the City’s Info Hub


Approach the network hub, outside in the city

Use a machine next to the building to get onto the roof

Hack the network terminal and allow remote access for K

The objective marker takes you above ground once again. It marks a building with a simple store, but if you look up you can see that there’s a satellite link of some sort on the roof. That’s where you need to go.

There’s a machine similar to a cherry picker in front of the building. Put a Biocell into it for an easy ride up to the roof (and safely back down later), then hack the simple terminal up top. Allow remote access for the Samizdat people to complete the mission.