Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visits 1 or 2

Enter the Locked Area


Talk to Viznik

Go into the sewer compound

The Side Mission begins when speaking to Viznik in the sewers. Start from your apartment and then look for the sewer entrance that’s close to the subway station. Climb down there and explore the path to the left. Use a small side tunnel to avoid the gas ahead, and keep going all the way forward until you reach the last section in the north.

A man is there, dressed plainly. Talk to him and find out what he’s doing. His name is Viznik, and he’s got some issues. If you agree to help him, this Side Mission begins.

Enter the compound behind Viznik. The door is locked, but Viznik has given you a keycard to get inside.

Confront Richard


Talk to Richard

Examine the poster near the door and the crumpled one on the side of the room

As soon as you enter, Jensen meets Richard. The leader of this community seems to have a tremendous amount of hold over his people. After a long conversation with him, you’re able to move around again.

There’s an interesting poster near the exit, but the information at the bottom has been scratched out. Look at that, but search the right side of the room next. A crumpled poster is over there, and this one still has most of its writing left intact.

After reading it, you can leave the compound and return to the surface. You’re ready for the next step. Go to the subway and travel to Palisade Station, in the northwest.

Seek Out Liborio


Go to Liborio’s magic shop

Talk to Liborio about Richard

Liborio’s shop is almost on top of Palisade Station. Go there and meet the magician as soon as you get to that part of town. He explains how Richard is controlling everyone, and even gives you three Scramblers to help break the signal when you return to Richard’s sewer compound.

Install the Signal Scramblers


Bring Liborio’s Scramblers to the cult’s area and install three of them

Richard’s ex-partner Liborio provides a way to confront Richard without anyone getting hurt. If you can install these devices on the emitters inside Richard’s compound, it should undermine his ability to amplify his hypnotic techniques.

The emitters are all on the upper level of the area. Two of them are on the western side (west of the main room and northwest of it). The third is northeast from the big room. They’re all watched by the turret cameras, so you need to be quick and time your approach, or use Invisibility/EMP rounds to aid in your work.

Reveal Richard


Talk to Richard from the microphone on the main floor

Go back down to the main room and use the microphone. Richard can’t just blow you off now. If you use “Mitigate” to conclude the conversation, you can even get him to agree that he made a serious mistake. This earns you extra experience and probably makes it a little easier for the cult members to accept some of what they’ve been through.