Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visits 1 or 2

Meet the Document Agent


Make contact with either the cop near Koller’s checkpoint or talk to Milena in the old toy factory

If you go along with the corrupt cop by the Koller’s Bookstore checkpoint, you learn about a document forger. This begins the Side Mission, but you can also start it by approaching Milena, at the top of the toy factory. No matter how you find out about this mission, Milena is the person you have to talk with eventually.

The toy factory is fairly close to Jensen’s apartment building. It’s fairly well protected; there are several thugs in the main building and the yard outside. In addition, there are lasers with frag mines attached to them for anyone who wanders in the easy way.

Crouch and time your trip through the lasers if you use the direct route. Otherwise, take the ventilation shaft on the right side of the yard to get in. People with good jumping augs can also get onto the roof and slip into Milena’s room quite easily.

Once there, talk to her and learn about the operation. If you agree to help, this Side Mission continues. You’re given locations for two Augs who need help. Milena also asks you to deal with Drahomir so that this whole thing doesn’t come crashing down on her head.

Deal With Drahomir


Stop Drahomir one way or the other

Drahomir is the corrupt cop that works at the fake checkpoint near Koller’s Bookstore. Milena needs you to stop him, but there are a couple of ways to do this. If you talk to a cop that’s about 50 feet to the left of the checkpoint, you can easily convince her to stop Drahomir. She’s been dying to stop him anyway.

If you’re crazy and want more of a challenge, you can kill him. He’s surrounded by other cops, and the city will think that you’re just going after all of the officers. A long-range snipe followed by a run for the sewers or your apartment building can succeed here. It’s way tougher, but also very fun.

Meet Edward and Irenka


Stay in the same district and meet two Augs

Deal with the thug at Edward’s store

At this point in the mission, both Irenka and Edward can be tracked down without many problems. They’re in the same district as Drahomir, so it’s wise to do these steps back to back. Irenka is downstairs, in a small theater just off the main road. Talk to her and hand over the permit.

Then, go near the subway station and look for Edward’s story. It’s being robbed by a thug who gives you plenty of lip if you try to intervene. Use a Takedown to quickly end the confrontation, and then talk to Edward.

You can try to scam money out of him, but the honest thing to do is simply to hand over the permit and talk to him.

Once these steps are complete, you only need to validate everything so that the two of them have genuine permits instead of just worthless paper.

Validate the Permits


Go to the registration building near Monument Station and validate the permits

Gain access to the back room and use the registration machine to complete the process

Choose which person to assist

The registration building is on the northern side of the city. Follow your objective marker to reach the front entrance. Two officers work inside the building, and there’s a camera facing the main entrance.

You can break in by the front, knock out the guards, and proceed into the back from there. This likely triggers an alert by the police, but this building is defensive and you can eventually leave by a rear exit. Or, if you have high jumping, you can enter the rear entrance without alerting anyone. To do this, go around the right side of the building until you find a large, grey truck. Jump onto it and leap up to a vent above. This takes you into the registration building’s back room, where you can complete everything.

If you’re coming from the front, the door that leads into the back part of the building is locked. Use the code (6788) to bypass this, or hack the system if you’d prefer to get more XP.

When you get to the back, the computer is also locked down. Use the code (SAMITHEDOG), learned from a Pocket Secretary on one of the men, to access everything. Or hack that system, too. Once you’re in, turn off the cameras, turn on the registration machine, and get to work.

Use the machine and choose one of the two people to assist. You can’t help both. It’s up to you who to pick. And with that, you’ve completed the mission. It’s the best of a bad situation. Leave via the vent in the back room. It takes you out to the street for a fairly discreet escape.