Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visits 1 or 2

Find the Glitch


Make contact with the Glitch

Meet Helle in the electronics store (south side of Prague)

There are several broken ad panels throughout Prague. They show tons of visual artifacts and you can hear strange sounds playing from the devices. Approach and interact with the panels to begin this Side Mission.

Many of the glitched panels are inside or are very close to metro stations. Look for them there. Once you’ve interacted with one, travel to the southern end of Prague and go to the POI marked on your map. It’s in an electronics store (near Koller’s place). Enter the store, head into the basement, and then use one of the laptops. Start Messenger and make contract with a person named Helle.

Agree to Helle’s request to start the mission.

Retrieve Helle’s Package


Go to the old Tourism Center

Get the package

Follow the objective to a tourism building in the same district. The front door is boarded up entirely, but a side building is immediately accessible. Go inside and use the ventwork in there to get into the other building. Or, jump up through the upper floor of the building and come down into the tourism center if you must.

Be warned that there are three armed men inside the center. They’re easy to take out (lethally or gently) if you enter via the vents. They won’t see you, and the entire group can be stopped without a fight. Make sure to search their bodies for any Pocket Secretaries they have.

Use Helle’s code on the locked door inside the center. Or, hack it for XP if you wish. There’s a Disk in that room, and that’s the “Package” that you’re looking for.

Find a Reader at Future-Past Antiky


Go to Future-Past Antiky

Talk to the clerk

Get your Data Reader

Take the subway to the northern part of town, and look for the technology/antiquities store marked on your map. Talk to the clerk inside. He’s friendly, but a bit off. Press him about the name of the store until he gets flustered. Once he’s upset, talk to him about the Pocket Secretary you found on the armed men, back at the Tourism Center. That gets you a wealth of information and the Data Reader.

You can then decide whether the clerk should leave or if you’re going to give him issues. That’s your call. When you’re done, search the building for Crafting Parts, because you can score tons of them.

Access the Data at the Safe House


Go back to your safe house

Use the Data Reader to contact Helle

Survive the attack on your apartment

Take the subway south, once again. Go back to your safe house and take a load off for a time. Use the Data Reader on the coffee table, near your TV. Talk to Helle, but don’t let your guard down. More of those armed men arrive. Two come into your apartment, and several more stay in the corridors of the apartment complex.

Deal with these interlopers however you wish. You’ve already completed the mission by the time they arrive, so you only need to worry about being spotted or slaughtering them if you’re playing a specific way.

To take them out non-lethally, just wait in your bedroom. They separate after being in the apartment for a minute. You can then sneak up on the first, knock him out, and go after the other guy with impunity.