Can Be Triggered: In Prague Visits 1, 2, or 3

Dealing in Colors


Investigate apartment 22 Zelen, in your home complex

Unlock Bonbon’s computer

There is a small yard not far from your apartment; it’s close to Koller’s Shop and the police checkpoint. Go into that yard and you hear junkies talking about Neon. This points you toward the Side Mission, but isn’t a critical step. The dealer on the other side of that yard can be knocked out. Loot him and his safe. You get a Pocket Secretary with the code to a dealer’s apartment.

Those rumors point Jensen toward apartment 22 in his own apartment building. Two punks live there, dealing Neon. It’s really ripping people apart, and you have a chance to do something about that.

To get inside, hack the front door console, use the ventilation shaft from the stairwell (on the third floor), or drop to the window ledge on the outside of the building. Once you’re in, disable the two dealers. They won’t pose any substantial fight, so this is quite easy whether you want to kill them or simply pacify them.

Search for a Pocket Secretary near the front wall of the place. It has a code for a computer. That system is in the kitchen, behind a small case of drinks. Hack that system or put in the code.

Read the emails to get to the next stage of the mission.

Behind Our Backs


Go to Čistá district and find apartment 202, at 33 Hlavní

Search a body upstairs inside the apartment

Use the computer on the main floor to call a cleaning service

Leave the apartment, come back later, and examine the swan on the upstairs bed

Ride the subway to Palisade Station and follow the objective marker to find a large apartment building; it’s a fairly nice place!

Apartment 202 has its windows boarded up, so a direct approach makes the most sense. Go to the front door and hack the computer to gain access to the apartment.

Once you go inside, the smart home features of the apartment are activated. Cops arrive if you take too long in here, so be quick to hack into the laptop on the first floor, on the right. You can take control of the security features so that the cops aren’t summoned.

Next, look upstairs. A dead woman is lying beside a bed. Search her for a Pocket Secretary. Then, read the emails on the laptop and use the home system to hire a “cleaning” service.

Leave the apartment for several minutes and then return. The places looks entirely different. Go upstairs again, and examine a swan that’s left on the bed. This gets you the info you need to find a rave.

The Rave


Go south and get into the rave at Ludvik Courtyard

Find the dead raver and examine his Pocket Secretary

The card you found at the apartment gets you into a rave in the same part of town; just walk south until you get to Ludvik Courtyard and let yourself in by the front door. No one is going to stop you, because everyone here is having a good time. Go down the left hallway and hack into a locked room. There’s a dead man inside. Search him for a Pocket Secretary and read the contents of that item.

The Door of Perception


Go to the apartment in the east

Get inside the apartment and use a spray bottle to access a secret room

Get into the locked safe inside that room

Take a Pocket Secretary from the safe and read its contents

You now know the location of an apartment on the eastern side of the district. That’s where the cleaning service is located. Travel to the marked building and climb up the stairs inside to reach the second floor. The apartment with a swan on the door is the one that you’re looking for.

Hack your way inside or use the vents from the first floor to get to a maintenance area. High jumpers can get up the pipes there and then go through another vent. You end up going directly into a secret room within the apartment if you take that route.

There are a number of minor items inside the place. For the mission, you need to use a spray bottle in the main room. This unlocks the secret door along the wall nearby. Open that, go into the secret room, and hack into the safe there. A multi-tool would be very useful if you aren’t a dedicated hacker, so go get one of those if necessary. You won’t end up wasting anything, because you get a free multi-tool when you open the safe!

Take the Pocket Secretary out of the safe and read it. This tells you where to go for the last stage of the mission.

Where All the Colors Come From


Go back to the southern end of Prague and go into the sewers

Get into the Dvali base

Empty the chemical tank

Use the sewer entrance at the southern end of Prague to approach the Dvali base where they’re making Neon. The objective marker takes you to a locked gate, but you have the code (0311). Use that or extremely high-end hacking to get inside.

Wait for the turret ahead of you to scan to the side and then rush past it. People with turret domination can carefully secure the turret from the back side of the device. Otherwise, climb the stairs to the top and use the same code on the second gate.

You’re now in the heart of the Dvali operation. Six patrolling guards and multiple cameras are watching the room. The guards have grenades and heavy weaponry, so they won’t be pushovers. Cover is mediocre, so an aggressive approach can be problematic.

Get onto the catwalk on the left. There’s only one guard here, and he can be tranquilized or knocked out if you’re careful. Once he’s down, it’s possible to hack the terminals up there and turn off the alarm panels, the turrets, and the cameras. It leaves the entire operation very exposed.

Now, go along the upper tier of the room and proceed to the small room in back. Disable one of the chemists who is likely back there, and then get into the locked room. It’s watched by a turret, so having those turned off is very important. Use two Biocells to activate the computer terminal inside, then empty the chambers to complete this mission.