Sidekicks are NPC allies which can be summoned to aid you in battle. Each has a unique specialty which can be used to help you and your teammates stay alive, keep a tactical location, or win a teamfight. Sidekicks only stick around as long as their health bar permits, so be careful when using them around enemies! You can only have one sidekick out at a time, so if you summon another, it will replace your first.

  • Sidekicks cannot be summoned within 15 meters of a Plunder chest.
  • Coordinating with your team to summon several sidekicks can be devastating for even the most experienced enemies.
  • Sidekicks will become more expensive with each purchase, so be sure to keep yours alive for as long as possible!


The Sniper defends a location and picks off faraway enemies. Enemies who are shot by your Sniper will become marked. You can order your Sniper to move to a new location by selecting “Reposition” in the store.

Sniper Tips
  • When placing a Sniper, be careful that you don’t place it near an edge where other players may be able to pull her off of.
  • Snipers are very effective against Brutes, which cannot duel at a distance and are vulnerable to headshots.
  • Reposition your Sniper frequently to help keep her close to the action.
  • The Sniper is most vulnerable when she is repositioning, so be sure to protect her while she travels.
  • Snipers are not as proficient at fighting at close-range, so get nearer before trying to take one out.


The Hunter will run towards the nearest enemy and grab them in a choke-hold—you’ll be able to melee a trapped enemy for a one-hit-down. You can order your Hunter to follow you instead of hunt enemies by opening the store and selecting “Follow.” In Follow mode, the Hunter will only use its gun.

Hunter Tips
  • Put your Hunter in Follow mode until you encounter an enemy—this will help keep it alive for longer.
  • You can tell a Hunter is coming after you if you hear heavy breathing in the vicinity.
  • If you’re injured and pinned down by an enemy, summoning a Hunter might be enough to tip the scales.
  • Hunters are great for stopping Idol carriers in Plunder.
  • Hunters are exclusively close-range threats, so be sure to fight them at a distance.
  • You can help allies who are trapped by a Hunter by using melee to free them.


The Savior is a field medic who will revive downed allies as well as give ammo and gear cooldown to nearby friendly players. They will also shoot at nearby enemies with their pistol and mark them for you.

Savior Tips
  • Saviors will teleport to you if you are killed and respawn. When fighting enemies, be sure to get rid of their Savior before claiming the KO if you can.
  • Saviors are very useful if you tend to fight at a distance and get downed without enemies around.
  • Always be sure to crawl to a safe location when downed so that your Savior or your teammate’s Savior is not put at risk reviving you.
  • Stick close to your team to maximize the Savior’s benefits!


The Brute is slow, but is heavily armored and armed. Its machine gun is great for laying down suppressive fire.

Brute Tips
  • Brutes are a good summon if you’re looking to turn the tables on a close-quarters team fight.
  • Brutes are not good for players who like to keep their sidekicks close to them. They often move too slowly to be convenient to follow around.
  • A melee execution from a rope swing is by far the most efficient way to get rid of a Brute.
  • Use your Brute to keep enemies pinned while you swing around to flank them.
  • Brutes are armored but are still vulnerable to headshots.