Gear is a vital part of your loadout. Once a piece of gear has been used, it will go on cooldown and you’ll have to wait a small amount of time before it can be used again. While in-game, you can also purchase upgrades for your gear, which lend additional benefits and features.

Gear List

Gear Description Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Tips
Grenade Frag grenade that detonates shortly after impact. Faster resupply. Carry an additional grenade. Faster resupply, faster detonation. Excellent at flushing enemies out of cove.
RevivePak Medical supplies which revive downed allies when thrown. Faster resupply, carry an additional RevivePak. Larger revive range, faster throw speed. Revives allies to full health, faster resupply, faster revive time. Use with discretion and try not to use on allies who are likely to be KO’d.
Smoke Bomb Creates a dense field of smoke after detonation. Faster resupply, longer smoke duration. Faster resupply, carry an additional smoke bomb. Charge melee, blindfire, and Wrath of El Dorado are good tactics to use while fighting in smoke.
Mine Detonates when enemies walk nearby. Faster resupply, can’t be marked by Saviors. Faster fuse time. No beeping, carry an additional mine, mid-air explosion. Try to hide mines in rubble, foliage, and around corners.
C4 Sticks to any surface and can be detonated at will. Faster resupply, can be detonated while in the down state. Faster resupply, priming time reduced. Faster resupply, stuns enemies near the explosion. C4 is great to place at entryways and around corners if an enemy is pursuing you.