Gaining vision is an important element of the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer metagame. When you know a player’s location, you can be more aware if enemies are coming from behind for a flank, or which direction they are retreating. Marking highlights the enemy’s name for a limited amount of time so that you can track their movements. Here’s how it works:

  • Marked players’ names and an arrow can be seen through walls at any distance.
  • Players you mark can be seen by your teammates.
  • Enemies can be marked by aiming at them and pressing L3 (default controller scheme) when you have the Marking booster equipped.
  • Enemies can be marked by shooting them or damaging them with an explosive when you have the Mark on Damage booster equipped.
  • You can mark nearby enemies when calling for help in the downstate if you equip the Combat Marking booster.
  • Sidekicks like the Savior and Sniper can mark enemies for you.
  • The Staff of Ayar Manco is a mystical which marks all enemies in the game and shows them on the radar for a limited amount of time.