Sidekick Mods and Mystical Mods are a specific set of modifiers that can be equipped. They increase the Loadout point cost of a Sidekick or Mystical, as well as increasing the price to buy them in the In-Game Store during a match. Only one Mod can be equipped at a time to a Sidekick or Mystical.

Sidekick Mods

Sidekick Mod Name Description
Brute Health Regeneration Brute will regenerate health after a certain amount of time.
Faster Movement Brute movement speed increased.
Highlight Targets Enemies damaged by a Brute will become outlined for you.
Accuracy Increase Accuracy of the Brute's machine gun is increased.
Savior Additional Health Savior will have higher maximum health.
Toss RevivePaks Savior will throw a RevivePak at downed allies.
Faster Movement Savior movement speed is increased.
More Ammo and Gear Savior will recharge ally ammo and gear at a faster rate.
Sniper Health Regeneration Sniper will regenerate health after a certain amount of time.
No Laser Sight Sniper's laser will not be visible to enemies it targets.
Re-positioning Speed Sniper will move to a new location faster.
Hunter Silent Hunter Enemies targeted will no longer hear Hunter’s breathing.
No Explosive Stun Hunters will no longer stagger from explosive impact.
Longer Grapple Hunter grapples are more difficult to escape.
Target in Sight Hunter’s target will appear outlined for you.

Mystical Mods

Mystical Mod Name Description
Wrath of El Dorado Highlight Targets Enemies who are damaged by your Wrath of El Dorado become outlined for you.
Faster Specters Specters thrown by the Wrath of El Dorado travel towards enemies faster.
Increased Specter Damage Specters thrown by the Wrath of El Dorado do more damage to enemies.
Cintamani Stone Increased Range Revive radius of the Cintamani is larger.
Full Revive Allies are revived to full health.
Staff of Ayar Manco Highlight Targets Enemies who are detected by the Staff are outlined for you.
Directional Arrows Radar will now show which direction enemies are facing.
Increased Duration Staff will last for longer after it is placed.
Spirit of the Djinn Increased Duration Player has the ability to Djinn-dash for longer.
Spirit of the Djinn Faster Movement Base running speed is increased.
Indra’s Eternity Area of Effect Increase The area of effect for the Indra is increased.
Slow Down Increase Targets will experience a more powerful slowing effect.
Highlight Targets Targets who enter an Indra field will become outlined for you.