You can play as your favorite heroes and villains from the Uncharted franchise, including Drake, Sully, Elena, Marlowe, Lazarevic, and more. Each character has their own dialogue lines as well as their own set of outfits. Characters and skins are available for unlock in the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Store. You can either unlock them with Uncharted Points, or spend Relics to buy Vanity Chests which contain a random assortment of decorative items. Other fun accessories like hats, glasses, masks, weapon skins, and taunt animations can also be found in the Store.


Drake, Sullivan, Elena, Samuel, Cutter, Tenzin, Chloe, and Salim


Lazarevic´, Rafe, Nadine, Knot, Orca, Marlowe, Rameses, Eddy Raja, Flynn, Talbot, Navarro, and Roman

You can access the Store from the Main Multiplayer Menu. Here, you can spend Uncharted Points and Relics on vanity items, one-use boosters, hero weapons, modifications, and more.

One-Use Booster Chest

Chests are purchased in the Store with Relics, which can only be gained by completing Trials or Challenges. A One-Use Booster Chest drops a set of four one-use boosters (example boosts include cheaper Sidekicks and cheaper Mysticals). Relics can’t be bought with real currency. Once opened, Chests will drop (unlock) an assortment of items, according to the type of Chest. Chests will never drop (unlock) duplicates of items the player already possesses. Types include Vanity Chests, Hero Weapon Chests, Mystical & Sidekick Mod Chests, and One-Use Booster Chests. Choose your One-Use Booster before the match begins.