Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End includes eight multiplayer maps (on release day). Here’s a quick rundown of each:

Auction House

A luxurious Italian location, featuring flank rope swings, explosive vehicles, and long sightlines.


A medium-size nighttime map, it’s comprised of tight corridors for close-quarters combat suspended high above the Italian coastline.


A large symmetrical map divided by a giant slide, with enclosed tunnels, ancient graveyards, Scottish ruins, and a multi-leveled cathedral. It’s the largest map in the game.

Madagascar City

A tight-quarters market surrounded by two sniper towers. It features hidden slides and rope swings.


A rain-soaked beach with an abandoned pirate cave that features more rope swings than any other map.


A jungle location, Island features a central cave with a horseshoe-shaped pinnacle sniper location.


A symmetrical figure-eight map, River contains underwater swim routes, large mudslides, and waterfall rope flanks.

Pirate Colony

A fully symmetrical map, with two opposing bases on each end connected by a network of docks and dilapidated houses.

General Map Tips
  • Hide Mines in areas with a lot of foliage, rubble, snow, or puddles.
  • Use grapple ropes to your advantage with vertical takedowns.
  • Plunder Game Mode: Set explosive traps near the enemy base.
  • Auction & Madagascar City: Damage cars to cause explosions.
  • Collect and save money as much as possible at the beginning to upgrade Gear and purchase Mysticals and Sidekicks.
  • Complete as many Trials as possible early on to earn Relics to use on upgrades.