To achieve the Speedrun trophy “Charted!—Speedrun,” you must play Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End in under 6 hours. Here are some great tips to consider while attempting this:

  • Play in Explorer mode (the easiest difficulty).
  • Hop constantly, roll up slopes. The only time this is not faster is when you trigger combat tension and Combat Sprint initiates.
  • Turn Lock-On Aim on.
  • Skip Cinematics.
  • Skip as many combat encounters as possible by just running through them to the end. (Very few encounters actually require you to kill everyone to progress.)

Encounters that require all enemies killed:

  • Once A Thief: Auction ballroom (until the garden doors open).
  • Those Who Prove Worthy: Scotland dormitories (if you fail to stealth for the “Ghost in the Cemetery” trophy).
  • The Twelve Towers: Madagascar sniper tower area can be done by just driving onto the bridge and winching it down—enemies won’t hit you; the drawbridge challenge can be skipped by just spinning the crank, but you may need to rely on luck to not be shot while turning the crank.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: The enemy convoy.
  • New Devon: The battle in Avery’s House.
  • No Escape.