There is a massive tower near Anor Londo that you can’t reach easily. Start at the Anor Londo Bonfire and backtrack to the highest tower in Irithyll; it’s just a few steps away. Use the mechanism of that tower to lower the walkway where you’re positioned.

From the tower’s lower setting, walk out onto the edge of the walkway. It looks like it’s hovering over nothing. Just empty air. Trust in the fates and step onto that nothingness. It’s an invisible bridge. Walk from there over to a tower that’s close by, but a bit lower than where you’re standing. Hop off to get onto the balcony of that tower and use a Bonfire there.

Yorshka, a Covenant leader, is around the corner. Talk to her and pledge yourself to her Covenant if you wish. Also, drop through the broken supports and beams inside that tower to get extra loot!