A Giant lives on top of a fort in the Undead Settlement. This massive creature shoots arrows down toward a white birch far away. When you’re traveling through the Undead Settlement, you might get hit or even killed by these arrows. Your enemies are also targeted, though that’s only of marginal help because you’re so busy trying not to get splattered.

To stop the arrows, go to the fort and take the lift that goes to the top of the building. Meet the Giant and either talk to him or kill him. If you’re friendly and give him one of the branches from the white birch, he’ll stop shooting his bow at you when you’re down in the valley. If you kill him, that works as a long-term solution as well.

Remaining friendly with him can help you in a few places later, there are white birch trees in both Faron Keep’s swamp, and in the graveyard outside the Cathedral of the Deep.

He’ll shoot at any foes near any of the three trees, and won’t target you if you carry a white branch, or wear either the Worker’s Hat or Evangelist’s Hat.

If you pick up all of the white tree branches and return, you find the Giant has peacefully expired, leaving the Hawk Ring. Or you can kill him to take it, you monster.