Patches is a disreputable sort who you can first encounter in the Cathedral of the Deep. If you open the front doors leading out to the graveyard, then leave and return, he appears on the second floor by the large gate leading to the pool of slime. You may find your interactions with him end poorly, but if you forgive him, you can eventually acquire his services as a merchant back in the shrine. You can find and speak with him a second time in the cathedral by using the rafters to cross over to Rosaria’s side of the second floor, where he is waiting.

However, if you bypass the front door route (or don’t leave and return) and travel over the rafters above the cathedral to reach Rosaria, you won’t encounter Patches in the Cathedral.

Either way, to meet him a second time, return to the Firelink Shrine, purchase the Tower Key and head up to the top of the tower where the Firekeeper’s Soul rests. When you come back down the lift, you will find Patches has locked the door. Descend through the tower and emerge out the door at the bottom.

Again, if you forgive him, you can retain his services as a merchant. He resides up on the upper level of the Firelink Shrine. Patches sells Siegward’s armor set, and indeed, you need to purchase it to save Siegward from being trapped down a well without it outside the Cathedral of the Deep’s Cleansing Chapel!

Finally, Patches has a fair bit of respect for Greirat, the thief. Should you attack Greirat, this will enrage Patches and he will attack. If you send Greirat to pillage Irithyll and tell Patches, he will travel there to rescue him (assuming Siegward isn’t already there, as Siegward can also save Greirat). If you send Greirat to pillage Lothric Castle, Patches will try to save him, but fail…

Unbreakable PAtches Standard Inventory
Item Cost Quantity
Ember 5000 4
Red Bug Pellet 1000
Black Firebomb 300
Rope Black Firebomb 300
Human Pine Resin 1500
Alluring Skull 800
Rusted Coin 200
Rubbish 200
Parrying Dagger 2000
Shotel 4000 2
Winged Spear 1500
Pierce Shield 3000 1
Catarina Helm 3500 1
Catarina Armor 4500 1
Catarina Gauntlets 3500 1
Catarina Leggings 3500 1
Black Leather Armor 2500
Black Leather Gloves 2000
Black Leather Boots 2000
Poison Arrow 120
Horsehoof Ring 500 1