Game Progression

Complete the missions and secondary quests to earn the following awards.


TitleDescriptionGamer ScoreTrophyUPlay
This Way To Oros Survive the Mammoth hunt by completing the intro. Your first Trophy or Achievement is earned as soon as you are alone. 20 Silver 10
Spearproof Repel the Udam attack by completing the Attack of the Udam mission—revealing more specialists around Oros. 20 Silver ­ —

Rescue a Wenja captive from the Izila in The Taken Wenja mission. This unlocks Fire Screamer Fort which is your gateway to Batari.

20 Silver
Uncaged Escape the Udam caverns by completing the Into Udam Land mission. With the Antidote, you are now able to invade the Udam homeland and find Ull. 20 Silver
Krati, Krati, Krati! Steal the Izila mask of Krati by completing The Mask of Krati mission and unlocking the Izila homeland. Be sure to grab the Mammoth Rider skill to proceed inside. 100 Gold 40
Deadeye Karoosh joins the Wenja village. Complete the Brother in Need mission and gain access to the some great Warrior Skills including the Heavy Takedown. 10 Bronze
Spiritual Advisor Tensay joins the Wenja village. Find Tensay and complete the Vision of Beasts mission. This gives you the ability to tame beasts and unlocks the Shaman Skills. 10 Bronze
Mister Fix-It Wogah joins the Wenja village. Complete the Trapped and Blood of Oros missions to gain access to Crafter Skills and some great gear. 10 Bronze
Gray Huntress Jayma joins the Wenja village. Complete the On the Hunt mission to unlock Hunting Skills. 10 Bronze
Twelve Labors Complete any 12 Specialist missions. This includes any mission given by the seven specialists. Several are required to complete the story, so that is a good start. 20 Silver 20
Evolution in Action Complete the mission, The Hunt for Ull by defeating Udam leader, Ull. You must obtain the Antidote by completing Into Udam Land before accessing Ull. 20 Bronze
To Ash Complete the mission, The Fall of Batari by defeating the Izila leader, Batari. You must purchase the Mammoth Rider skill to access Izila homeland and reach Batari. 20 Bronze
Here Kitty Track, defeat, and tame the Bloodfang Sabretooth. Complete Jayma’s The Tall Elk mission to unlock the Beast Master Hunts. 20 Bronze
Big Teddy Track, defeat, and tame the Great Scar Bear. Complete Jayma’s The Tall Elk mission to unlock the Beast Master Hunts. 20 Bronze
Endangered Track and defeat the Bloodtusk Mammoth. Complete Jayma’s The Tall Elk mission to unlock the Beast Master Hunts. 20 Silver
Good Boy Track, defeat, and tame the Snowblood Wolf. Complete Jayma’s The Tall Elk mission to unlock the Beast Master Hunts. 20 Bronze
Conquest Capture all forts by defeating Dah at Big Darwa Fort and Roshani at Fire Screamer Fort. 20 Bronze
Good Neighbor

Complete 15 “Help Wenja” quests. Look for Wenja around Oros in need of help, noted by a circular orange icon displaying a hand.

20 Bronze
Crush Your Enemies

Complete 10 “Tribal Clash” quests. These fights against the Udam or Izila are shown on the map with a circular, orange icon with a black skull.

20 Bronze
Master Tracker

Complete 5 “Beast Kill” quests. A quest giver asks you to defeat a certain beast in Beast Kill quests, which are signified by an orange icon with a paw print.

20 Bronze

Kill Awards

Killing enemies in a variety of ways earns you a whole lot of awards.


TitleDescriptionGamer ScoreTrophyUPlay
Tears of Shame That is cold, but in order to get this award, you must kill your own companion and then skin it. Perform this on a lower level beast to save on the revive. 20 Silver
Killer’s Belief Eliminate 25 enemies using any takedown. Takedowns are a great way to decrease enemy numbers without being detected. Purchase the takedown skills from Karoosh for a variety of options. 15 Bronze
And Stay Down

Eliminate 100 enemies using a club. The weapon of choice in close combat, the club is especially effective against smaller animals. Be sure to upgrade the club when you get the chance.

20 Bronze
Skewered Eliminate 100 enemies using a spear. Spears are very effective when thrown. Use them to take down the bigger wildlife and tougher enemies. 20 Bronze
Sharpshooter Eliminate 100 enemies using a bow. The bow and its various iterations are best from a distance before being detected. Get headshots to finish off weaker enemies with one shot. 20 Bronze
Inflammable Eliminate 50 enemies with fire. This includes any attack with fire; light a weapon or toss a Fire Bomb. 10 Bronze
David And Goliath Eliminate 10 enemies using a sling. Great for headshots and unlimited ammo, what else could you ask for? Grab the Precision Sling skill from Wogah to pierce elite enemy headgear. 10 Bronze
Outta My Way Eliminate 25 enemies while riding a Mammoth. Purchase the Mammoth Rider skill from Karoosh to gain the ability to mount young Mammoth. Ride it through a few villages to quickly rack up 25 kills. 10 Bronze
Bad Trip Influence 25 enemies using poison. Confuse hostiles with Berserk Bombs or Shards. Toss a bomb into a group of human foes and watch them fight amongst themselves. 10 Bronze
BEES! Eliminate 10 enemies using sting bags. Toss these bombs into crowds to cause total chaos. Be sure to keep your distance or face the wrath of the angry bees. 10 Bronze
Quickdraw Eliminate 15 enemies using throwing shards. Grab the Shard Takedown to add a quick shard attack after a normal takedown. 10 Bronze
Right On Target Kill a target 50m away or more using a spear. Find a weak enemy such as an Udam Slinger at a camp. Take him out with a long-distance spear throw. Be sure to account for a lot of drop from that far away. 15 Bronze
Bullseye Kill a target 70m away or more using an arrow. You must have a long line of sight on an enemy to score a kill from 70m away. Flat areas around the river in central Oros give plenty of opportunity to kill from distance. This can also be achieved from a high cliff. Equip the Long Bow and account for arrow drop when aiming. 15 Bronze

Eliminate 10 enemies using hunting traps. Use traps whenever capturing bonfires and outposts. Study patrol patterns and place them in the enemies’ path.

10 Bronze
Sic ‘Em

Eliminate 50 enemies using a tamed beast. Grab a Sabretooth Tiger or Cave Bear and you will have this number in no time.

20 Bronze
Feathered Friend

Eliminate 15 enemies using your Owl. Attacks and dropped bombs from your Owl are a great surprise for unsuspecting enemies. Purchase the Owl: Weapon Drop and Owl: Attack I skills from Tensay.

20 Bronze

Your Village

Building, improving, and growing your village earns three awards. This requires a lot of resources, including rare skins, but it is well worth the time.


TitleDescriptionGamer ScoreTrophyUPlay
Home Improvement Perform two upgrades on any village huts. Build Sayla and Tensay’s huts. 10 Bronze
Subdivisions Your Wenja tribe reaches a population of 20. Complete quests and capture landmarks to increase your village population. Access the Village tab in your menu to check the current number. 20 Bronze
Real Estate Baron

Complete all hut upgrades. Build and upgrade the cave and all seven huts. This requires a lot of resources, including several different rare skins. Check the Village tab to find out what is still needed.

50 Silver


These accomplishments are for those who go beyond the story missions.


TitleDescriptionGamer ScoreTrophyUPlay
Expert Wenja Learn all skills. Complete missions and secondary quests to earn the XP necessary to afford all skills. 50 Silver
Armorer Craft 100 weapons of any kind: clubs, spears, arrows, bombs, or shards. It doesn’t take too long before racking up this many weapons. Crafting arrows gains a good amount on its own. 20 Silver

Capture 10 outposts. Look for the red fire icons on the map and kill the Udam or Izila that guard it.

20 Bronze
Expansion Capture all outposts. Outposts, signified by a red hut icon, are usually tougher than bonfires. Watch out for alarms and Elite Slingers. If you are detected the enemy can call in reinforcements, making your job that much tougher. 50 Gold


Menagerie Tame seven beasts. You must purchase Beast Master Skills to tame many of the beasts. Completing three of the Beast Master Hunts give you a tamed beast. 15 Bronze


Fancy Friend Tame 1 rare beast. Rare beasts are found at the same locations as the regular animals, but at a much lower rate. For example, look for a Black Lion where you find Cave Lions. 10 Bronze

Heal a tamed beast 25 times. Beasts often get in trouble, running off and taking on enemies on their own. Be sure to keep them healthy by feeding them meat.

15 Bronze
Cave Hoarder

Pickup 80 collectibles. This includes Daysha Hands, Izila Masks, Wenja Bracelets, Cave Paintings, and Spirit Totems. There are 184 in all, so you need less than half to score this award.

20 Bronze

Discover 15 hidden locations. Hidden locations are signified by a white question mark on the map. There are a lot, so it doesn’t take long to get this one.

20 Bronze

Mark 4 Wenja

Find a cave at the top of a waterfall just northwest of Big Darwa Fort. Follow the path to the back and peek through the hole.


TitleDescriptionGamer ScoreTrophyUPlay
Mark 4 Wenja Discover the future past. 15 Bronze


Kanda of Faith

Find the campfire located high on a hill, northwest of Mash Baya Rocks. With that spawn point established, climb south and east to find the highest rock outcrop. Being careful not to fall to your death, slide out to the edge and spot the pool of water below. Jump out from the cliff to dive in. You earn the award on the way down, not on entry, so it is possible to get it and die. You will reset at the campfire above.


TitleDescriptionGamer ScoreTrophyUPlay
Kanda of Faith Climb to the peak of Pardaku Lookout and leap off. 10 Bronze

PlayStation Platinum

TitleDescriptionGamer ScoreTrophyUPlay
Apex Predator Obtain all the Trophies. N/A Platinum


U-Play Achievements

U-Play Awards

TitleDescriptionUPlay UnitsXP
Survive the mammoth hunt. Climb to the peak of Pardaku Lookout and leap off. +10 Units 1000 XP
Twelve Labors Complete 12 specialist missions. +20 Units 1000 XP
Menagerie Tame 7 beasts. +20 Units 1000 XP
Expansion Capture all outposts. +30 Units 1000 XP
Mark 4 Wenja Discover the future past. +10 Units 1000 XP
Krati, Krati, Krati! Steal the Izila mask of Krati. +40 Units 1000 XP