Spirit Totems


Award+2% XP Boost

Totems ask spirits for safe and successful hunts.

Twelve altars around Oros stand empty, but you can remedy that by placing a small totem on each one. Step up to the pedestal and hold the interact button to make it complete. Each one gives a +2% XP boost, so be sure to get these done early.

One Spirit Totem is placed during the Spirit Totem Village Mission. (Not shown on map.)

In the mountains east of Stone Beak Bonfire, there are two bodies of water. Northwest of the right one, use the grappling point to reach the pedestal.

At Blood Snow Totem, west of Cut Mamaf Lost Cave, an altar is found just west of an Udam camp.

From Snow Shwalda Outpost, move through the valley and then north until you reach a rock hanging over the path. Head east to find several protruding rocks along with a quest giver. An altar sits next to the southern rocks.

At Bayabar Hunter Totem, located at the southeastern tip of the snowy region, a cave opening is found on the northeast side of the camp. The pedestal sits on the right side of the cavern.

Not far from your village, north of the Stone Watch Bonfire, stop at the small village that sits on the main path. Sitting next to a tree, near the huts, is another pedestal that waits for a Spirit Totem.

West of Burning Spear Bonfire, look for a group of standing stones just north of a circular waterway. An altar is found on the south side of one of these stones.

Head to Blajiman Stones to find a pedestal just northwest of the Izila’s sacrificial altar. Place the totem to bring safe and successful hunts to the Wenja.

Northeast of Stone Shadow Camp, look for the small pond that sits on the main path. An altar has been built atop a rock platform just behind a small waterfall.

Find this pedestal just outside a cave opening deep inside Bloodfang Sabretooth Hunting Grounds, near the unknown location, Hiding Hole.

Directly west of Chanting Cave, this altar sits at the base of a misty waterfall. Look for it on the right as you move up a grassy path, east of the waterway.

The final Spirit Totem must be placed just east of Hold Rock Bonfire. Sneak through the camp or capture it and look for a water hole in the back. Dive in and follow the tunnel back to a small chamber.