Izila Masks

Number: 25

Award: XP

Once worn by Suxli’s sacrifices; they mark Izila land.

Izila Masks, only found in Izila territories, mostly hang on cliff faces—though they can also be found on trees, or even on the ground. Shoot the item with your bow or hit it to add it to your collection. Some of these masks must be shot from far away, so equip the Long Bow and account for arrow drop by aiming a little above the target.

East of Payska River Outpost, a campfire offers a Fast Travel point. Hanging on the cliff directly west of the fire is an Izila Mask.

A Mask dangles from the cliff on the west edge of Tushwarha Outpost, just left of an entrance to the outpost’s underground lair.

Situated in between Burning Spear Bonfire and Mash Baya Rocks, an Izila Mask hangs just left of a grappling point and waterfall.

Southwest of Mash Baya Rocks, find a pile of boulders and logs. The Mask hangs on the cliff above a little to the south.

This Mask hangs on the side of the mountain, just north of Bandu Blood Stone. It is above the trees, so find an opening to shoot through. It can also be targeted from the southern shelf with the standing stones.

Head to the rock bridge east of Chishta Cave and find the Izila Mask that has been pinned to the south side, sitting above the arch.

Northwest of The Tall Watchers, the side of the mountain is tiered. Look for the tall west cliff facing just south of the standing stones. A Mask faces south high above.

Northeast of Drowning Huts, this Mask hangs just left of a waterfall. Climb the cliff to get a closer shot.

From Great Prashrawa, look at the big waterfall to the east. An Izila Mask hangs high on the rock between the rushing water.

A small, shallow pond sits on a plateau northwest of Rotten Lake Outpost. Dangling to the west, on the relatively short cliff face, is an Izila Mask.

Northwest of Blajiman Stones, this Mask is left of a southeast-facing waterfall. Shoot this one from a platform right of the water or from above. Drop down to the ledge that holds an eagle’s nest for the easiest shot.

Move northeast up the grassy path that is located just east of Blajiman Stones. At the end, stop next to the grappling point and look up. Dangling from a rock outcrop is another Izila Mask.

Follow the small stream south of Kaba Blade Outpost until it runs into the eastern mountain. This Izila Mask hangs on the rocks left of the waterfall.

Southwest of Rotten Lake Outpost, a waterfall flows into a small pond. An Izila Mask has been placed on the middle ledge in the middle of the rushing water.

In the southeast corner of the region, the Sisters of Fire reside at Stone Shadow Camp. On your way to the village, a Mask hangs on the left side of the path.

North of the Great Scar Bear hunting grounds and east of Kalni Grave, move to the right side of the stream. The Izila Mask dangles over the water from an outcropping.

West of Fire Screamer Fort, a campfire gives you another Fast Travel point. Southeast of there, a big rock juts out of the ground. Shoot the Izila Mask that hangs on the east side.

Just west of Fire Screamer Fort, an Izila Mask has been placed on the east cliff face. Watch out for patrolling Izila if the command post has not been captured.

Head east from Fire Screamer Fort to find another waterfall. An Izila Mask dangles from a rock high above and to the left. The cliff face can be climbed to get a better shot, but it is reachable from the ground.

East of Great Prashrawa, just inside the Snowblood Wolf hunting grounds, find a pile of offerings for Suxli. Setting in the middle is the next Izila Mask.

Move to the base of the waterfall located north of Fallen Tashla Outpost. Use the grappling point on the left to climb to the top. This Izila Mask sits on the ground among gifts for their god, Suxli.

On the northeast side of the Great Scar Bear hunting grounds, look for a den at Tomb of Teeth. A log leans against a rock ledge at the entrance. Enter the cave and make a right turn to find the Izila Mask.

At the far south end of Oros, past the Praying Stones, find a standing stone in the middle of a small body of water just west of Split Rock Cave. An Izila Mask dangles from the rock wall behind it.

South of the Altar of Suxli, deep inside Izila homeland, find a lone hut. Another Izila Mask hangs above the entrance.

Southwest of Izila Village, spot the broken tree on the south side of the water. It is located just northeast of a small waterfall at the southern tip of the lake. Shoot the Izila Mask that hangs from the tree.