Daysha Hands

Number: 100

Award: XP

Glowing handprints show sites of spirit energy.

Small handprints, stamped on a rock, are found throughout Oros. Look for the blue icon to appear on your mini-map when within a certain range. Often found on high outcrops, under water, or inside caves, the handprint glows bright in the dark, making them easier to spot at nighttime. Here we include the 78 found outside of the Lost Caves. Refer to our Lost Caves chapter to learn how to find the other 22 Daysha Hands.

In the far northern reaches of Oros, look for water just below an Udam camp, next to the cliffs. A Daysha Hand sits on the west side.

Just south of Cave of Bones, a Daysha Hand sits behind a big boulder.

East of the second handprint look for a shallow pond. Resting in the middle of the water is the third Daysha Hand.

Southwest of Mamaf Graveyard, look for grappling points on the north side of a plateau.

Use a grappling point on the east cliffs to reach the higher level. Run directly east to find Mammoth tusks just inside a small opening in the rocks. Tucked in behind the left boulder is a Daysha Hand.

A Daysha Hand rests on a rock outcropping above the trees. You can reach it from the main path that leads to the northern area of Oros. From the route, find the grappling point on the southwest side. Jump across the rocks to reach the collectible.

South of the Cave of the Drowned, a Daysha Hand rests on a rock high on the cliffs. Follow the snowy path to a grappling point. Climb up, head west, and then drop down.

Find this on the way to the Hagwi Drink Lost Cave. Use a grappling point to reach the north ledge high on the cliff and follow a path of grapples and a log bridge.

North of Big Darwa Fort, follow the snowy path along the mountains until you find a couple of grappling points above, leading you to the cliff where the Daysha Hand sits.

A Daysha Hand rests on a cliff high above the western edge of northern Oros. From Charnga Cave, follow the path down the mountain to find a grappling point. Lower yourself to find the collectible.

Sitting atop Twarsha Den Outpost, the next handprint rests on another pointy rock. Follow the path to the top of the cave and find the sharp outcrop. Walk to the end to collect the prize.

Northwest of Big Darwa Fort, three grappling points sit on the southwest side of a cliff. Take them up to reach the higher level. Walk out along the flatter section of the outcrop to reach the Daysha Hand.

Above the river, a Daysha Hand rests on a rock. Reachable from inland by moving around the cliff or from the grappling points along the water.

This Daysha Hand is found on another rock protrusion just east of the previous one. Walk up the path and out onto the rock to collect the handprint.

East of Gwarashnar Bonfire, a Daysha Hand sits on the side of a plateau. If you are having trouble spotting this one, use Hunter Vision as it is hiding in a bush.

West of Cold Swim Cave, look for a couple of big rocks jutting out of the ground next to a hunter’s shelter. Jump onto the western one to find a Daysha Hand.

In Udam homeland, well north of Ull’s cave, look for Mi-Mamsa Falls. Use the two grappling points to the west to find a shelter. Sitting southeast, at the top of the falls, is a Daysha Hand.

In the western section of The Hunting Valley, a Daysha Hand sits inside the Raider Camp, behind a couple of bone trees.

In the middle of Udam homeland, north of the river, a watchtower sits just west of the main path. Underneath, a Daysha Hand waits to be collected.

A small island sits in a body of water north of Ull’s cave. Just northeast of the island, a Daysha Hand rests at the bottom of the lake. Use Hunter Vision to spot it.

In the southern region of the Udam homeland, south of the Bone Finder Camp, move south up the hill to find the Daysha Hand sitting in front of a big boulder.

It is worthwhile to collect this Daysha Hand during The Peak of Oros mission. As you climb the cliffs, a grappling point to the east takes you to a grassy area. Move up the hill to find a big boulder with the collectible sitting on top.

Just outside the cave where you find Tensay, a Daysha Hand rests on a rock just south of a small waterfall.

South of Tensay’s cave, look for the Wenja ring next to the water. Move south through the wreath to spot the Daysha Hand on the edge of the cliff.

Just north of Shayu’s Cave and south of a big tree, a Daysha Hand rests next to a sunken canoe at the bottom of the river.

Look for stacks of rocks northwest of Roaring Falls Bonfire. A Daysha Hand sits on a rock ledge nearby.

At the base of the cliff that holds Roaring Falls Bonfire, a Daysha Hand rests next to the water.

Follow the stream east from Roaring Falls Bonfire to a small pond. At the bottom is another Hand. Be careful not to provoke the Mammoths that swim in the water.

Northeast of Marsa Cave, south of snowy Oros, a Hand sits on the side of a cliff. Use the upper grappling point to lower yourself onto the small ledge and collect the prize.

Find the cave you spent time in during Wogah’s Trapped mission. A rock arch spans a gap between two cliffs above. Lying on top is a Daysha Hand.

West of Gwarashnar Bonfire, in the middle of the water, a Daysha Hand sits at the bottom of the lake.

Head south from your village until you find a waterfall. The nearest Daysha Hand sits in the rocks below.

Directly east of the previous Daysha Hand, another one sits at the base of a waterfall.

South of Stones of the Lost, a Daysha Hand is ready to be plucked from the bottom of a pond, but a Crocodile lies in wait. Take care of it before collecting the reward.

West of Stone Watch Bonfire, another Daysha Hand rests at the bottom of a pond. Dive in to collect it.

At Forgotten Crater, dive into the water to find a Daysha Hand sitting next to a dolmen.

Go to the campsite next to Pardaku Lookout and move over to the grappling point. Use it to swing over to a ledge to the west. Climb up to get the Daysha Hand.

North of Mash Baya Rocks, a Daysha Hand rests on a narrow ridge at the top of a waterfall. You can drop from above or climb the ledges to collect it.

Southwest of the Ring Wall Outpost, look for a Daysha Hand near Kashatigri’s Home. North of the path this item sits around the cliff from a hunter’s camp.

South of Ring Wall Outpost, find a small pond. A Daysha Hand sits next to a rock on the east side.

Directly south of your village find a lake on the west side of the region. Sitting on the southwest bank, collect the Daysha Hand next to the boulder. Beware of the Crocodile who stalks in the water nearby.

South of Bloodfang Den, look for a tall tree on the south side of the rocks. A Daysha Hand hides just behind it.

Dive into the water east of the Dangu Cave. This Daysha Hand rests at the bottom of the lake just in front of the waterfall.

Search in the water west of Great Scar Bear Den to find a Daysha Hand sitting on the bottom, just below the waterfall.

Look for the taller waterfall directly east of High Cliff Bonfire. Climb onto the ledge at its base and continue up the ivy to find a Hand sitting on a platform behind the waterfall.

East of Great Prashrawa, just inside the eastern region of Oros, look for a stone shelter providing protection for a couple of Boars. Grab the Hand from inside, keeping an eye out for nearby Izila Hunters.

Northeast of Fallen Tashla Outpost and directly north of The Gathering Tree, a Daysha Hand rests on the bank of a stream that flows into a waterfall to the west. This one is easiest to reach from the south.

In between Great Prashrawa and Fallen Tashla Outpost, look for a boulder south of the water. A Daysha Hand rests on the ground on its west side.

North of Night Watch Bonfire, a Daysha Hand lies on a rock outcrop. It is easily accessed from the north or south.

Directly west of Payska River Outpost, look for the plateau where you placed the Spirit Totem during the Village Mission. Below, a Daysha Hand rests at the bottom of a small pond.

A Daysha Hand lies at the bottom of the big lake, just southwest of Payska River Outpost. Be sure to check for predators in the water before diving in.

Northwest of Great Prashrawa, a small cave hides behind a small waterfall. Follow the rock path southwest into the waterway and look to the right, where a Daysha Hand lies underwater.

West of Burning Spear Bonfire, a narrow passage cuts through the cliffs, southeast of the Wenja rings in the Rings of Fire Village Mission. On the east side of this path, high on the plateau, a Daysha Hand rests next to a standing rock.

Southwest of the Twarshi Basin standing stones, just down the hill, a Daysha Hand sits upon a boulder.

Look for a pile of rocks and logs at the base of the cliff, southwest of Mash Baya Rocks. Sitting on the upper rock is another Daysha Hand. Drop from the plateau above or climb the debris to collect it.

South of Burning Sun Circle, Use the grappling point on the side of the cliff to reach the plateau above. Move along the edge to the east to find a Daysha Hand sitting between a rock and a tree.

A Daysha Hand hides among the flora on the long, narrow island west of Great Prashrawa.

Directly west of Rotten Lake Outpost, a Daysha Hand rests at the base of a high cliff. Climb the ledge from the east to reach the item.

East of Rotten Lake Outpost, look for a log leaning against a big boulder. Walk up the tree to reach the top of the rock where a Daysha Hand awaits.

Use the grappling claw to climb the mountain west of Nada Swamp Outpoost and then look for a narrow ledge, accessible from the north. Sitting next to a tree is another Daysha Hand.

Another Daysha Hand rests at the bottom of the river. This time find it northeast of Nada Swamp outpost.

At The Great Prashrawa falls, a Hand rests on a rock ledge in the middle of the second waterfall from the bottom. Access it from the north by hopping across the rocks.

Just south of Kaba Blade Outpost, a much tamer waterfall brings water to the river. A Daysha Hand rests on a rock on its north side.

The Izila’s Stone Shadow Camp sits on a plateau in the far southwest corner of the region. A Daysha Hand lies on a rock at the edge of the cliff to the northeast.

A short distance northeast from the previous Daysha Hand, another one sits on a rock outcrop above a small waterfall. Access it from the west.

A campfire located on the path west of Fire Screamer Fort offers Fast Travel. A Daysha Hand sits out in the open nearby.

Run up the hill located northwest of Fire Screamer Fort. At the very top, on the west side, a Daysha Hand is ready to be grabbed.

High on the cliff directly east of Fire Screamer Fort, a Daysha Hand overlooks the Izila stronghold.

In the far southwest region of Oros, move to the west side of Kwacha Stone Outpost. Find the opening to the rock shelf and search the flora to the left.

Find the small waterfall near Walkwa Den. Enter a tunnel to the north, follow it to an opening, and grab the Daysha Hand that lies on the ground. You can also access this one by dropping in from the north side.

On the north side of the swamp that holds the Praying Stones, spot a big boulder protruding out of the ground. Resting next to its south face is another Daysha Hand.

Follow the narrow passageway south from Digway Camp until you spot a grappling point high on the right cliff. Use it to reach the peak and search behind the nearby rock to find a Daysha Hand.

Southeast of Stone Damshi Island find a Daysha Hand resting next to a tree, behind a bush. It sits just outside of the lake.

Just inside Izila homeland, follow the western path south until you reach two standing stones on the right. Lying next to them, between a few pots, is a Daysha Hand.

On the northwest side of Izila homeland, just west of the Forsaken Altar, move up the embankment from the western path. Run around the rocks on the left to find a little nook. Just in front of it is a Daysha Hand.

Northeast of Kala Island, this Daysha Hand sits among two standing stones, between the water and dirt trail.

Several standing stones have been placed in a pond in the northeast corner of the Izila homeland. Northwest of there, just off the trail, a Daysha Hand sits behind three small tree stumps.

A tall hill sits in the middle of the Izila homeland, just northwest of Izila village. Access the incline from the north path and climb most of the way up to find a Daysha Hand next to a couple of rocks on the left.