Resources gathered throughout Oros are essential in building your village, crafting gear, and upgrading items. Look for trees, plants, rocks, and other materials. Approach and hold the Interact button to gain resources—adding them to your pack. Killing and skinning animals also produce valuable supplies. Occasionally, you also find bonus and rare resources. Hardwood from trees and flint from rocks are examples of bonus materials. Rare versions, available with several resources, are found at a much lower rate. Enable Hunter Vision to highlight resources in yellow for easier recognition.

You are limited in the amount of each resource you can carry. Upgrade your bags to hold more. Inside your cave and at various locations in Oros, such as campfires, you can access your Reward Stash. As you progress in the game, random resources are added to this stash each day. Access it to transfer items to your pack. The following tables list the resources found in Oros along with where they are found, how they are used, and how many can be carried before upgrading your gear.