Basic Healing is available from the start of the game, but once you meet Sayla and build her Hut, more healing recipes become available. Besides Primitive Heal, which doesn’t require any ingredients, they all need meat and a plant.

Your health starts out at two bars, but is expandable to six by purchasing skills. Hold the Heal button to use the default recipe. Press left on the D-Pad to bring up the available recipes. Select Confirm to eat the selected recipe while the Heal button sets a default for quicker use. Take into account your current location and set an appropriate recipe as the default.

  • Later recipes have added effects beyond healing.
  • Speed Boost makes you sprint and swim faster, plus it lengthens how long you can hold your breath. Have this one ready in some of the cave water tunnels, in case you get lost and need that little bit of extra time.
  • Scent Camouflage is great when hunting animals. Beast Kill quests are much easier since you can get much closer without the animals detecting you.
  • Fireproof reduces fire damage, making it great for Izila territories. Use this food recipe as much as possible in the tougher Izila fights, such as when facing Batari.
  • Antidote is required to get into Udam Homeland and allows you to enter poisonous gas areas without taking damage. Many rot fume clouds are small enough that you can sprint through with minimal damage, but this recipe allows you to dawdle inside the rooms. Antidote also eliminates the poison damage from Udam poison bombs and from animal attacks, such as snake bites.
  • Ultimate Boost combines the effects of Speed Boost, Scent Camouflage, and Fireproof, while also restoring full health. As the name implies, this one is the ultimate recipe.