Beasts that have a “Yes” in the tamable column above can be added to your beast roster with a piece of bait. Toss the bait nearby and wait for the animal to show interest. Hold the interact button to tame it. If a beast is killed, you can heal it with a piece of meat before the timer runs out. Beyond that, you must revive it from the Beast menu with a certain number of Red Leaves.

  • Call Beast: Press Right on the D-Pad to open the Beasts Menu, highlight a beast, and then confirm to call the selected animal. Stats and special abilities are listed when highlighting a beast.
  • Revive: When your beast dies, press Right on the D-Pad to open the Beasts Menu, highlight the beast and then confirm on its picture to revive it. There is a cost for this action, so pay attention to your supplies.
  • Command: Hold the Aim button and press the Throwable button to send the beast to a destination or after an enemy.
  • Recall Beast: Hold Right on the D-Pad and the beast returns to your side.

Beasts are a powerful addition to your attacks, plus they have unique abilities that can help out in other aspects of play. Some are better at stealth, while others excel at damage. Dholes skin their kills. Bears collect resources when idle. Select the beast that best assists in your current endeavor.