Sagani can join your party in Act I as you pass through Woodend Plains. You can find her and her fox companion at the crossroads in the middle of this area. This side quest begins when you add her to your party.


Objective: Travel to the cliffs you saw in the vision.

As you wander around the wilderness, you get clues about Persoq’s whereabouts when Sagani is in the party. Each clue leads to another clue in sequence and serves as a conversation point with Sagani to discuss your collective progress on her quest, as well as issues related to Persoq’s legacy, her legacy, and the traditions of her village. These clues play out like Watcher visions, and each clue is activated by finding the previous clue and having Sagani in the party.

Sequential Order of Clues

Woodend Plains Points to Pearlwood Bluff

Talking to Sagani when you meet her initiates the first clue. If she’s in your party, Pallegina can tell you she saw bluffs like that south of Defiance Bay when she sailed in. With Moderate perception, you smell the salt in the air and see the expanse of the water—this is somewhere on the coast. With High perception, you see the tracks and ruts of many wagon wheels. It must be near a big city. You can then talk to Sagani and the discussion includes the “legacy” and tradition of the village, a mention of the things happening today that tie back to Persoq.

Pearlwood Bluff Points to Elmshore

When you find the clue on the western cliffs of Pearlwood Bluff, you get another vision. This time, you see an Adra arch in the middle of the wood. It’s pretty clear you’ve never seen anything like this before. If in party, Eder can tell you it’s at a place just across the lake from Twin Elms. With Moderate lore: You’ve heard of this before. There’s a row of Adra pillars lined up not far from this. With Moderate-high survival: The soil is soft and moist, and river reed is growing nearby. It’s near a body of water. This opens dialog with Sagani about what Persoq was like.

Elmshore Points to Northweald

Finding the adra arch in Elmshore leads to the final vision. You see charred, bare tree trunks standing amidst ruined pillars, broken arches, and circles of stone half-hidden by the undergrowth. Imagery of hunters stalking through the pines. If in party, Hiravias recognizes that this as a high-elevation wilderness north of Twin Elms.

With Moderate-high lore: This looks like a battlefield from the War of Black Trees. It was fought all along the border between the Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath, but the scorched-earth tactics were most prominent in the fronts near Twin Elms. With High survival: The rocky terrain and the kinds of evergreens here suggest a high-altitude environment. Somewhere on the slopes of a mountain.

This opens dialog options with Sagani: What mattered to Persoq? When you enter Northweald with Sagani in the party, her figurine glows, and she indicates that you’re really, really close. There are three main conclusions the player and Sagani can reach that reflect on Persoq’s legacy, the purpose of Sagani’s task, and the best direction for your endgame actions. Each of the three discussions listed previously should highlight a particular way of looking at Persoq’s legacy (followed by your response options that can draw conclusions that point to any of Sagani’s three “outcomes”):

  • Persoq had a lasting impact on her village. The completion of this tradition has changed her, communicated something meaningful to Persoq, and given her village a meaningful sense of continuity. Only a minority of the leaders and villagers are old enough to remember Persoq, but the effects of his decisions can still be felt.
  • Persoq sacrificed time with his family for the sake of the village, which is also what she’s doing. His family remembers him as caring, but absent. Their memories of him, which are sharper than anyone else’s, suggest that he found greatest enjoyment in his limited time with his family. The village would likely have developed well enough without his careful attention, so perhaps he should have stayed home and enjoyed his life.
  • Her village is defined by the very traditions she and Persoq have upheld. While they’re basically meaningless in and of themselves, the village’s belief in them makes them important. Her quest is a pointless act that is nevertheless crucial to her village, and her people will find significance in her five-year absence that she never will. By the same token, Persoq’s importance is less about the decisions he made as a leader and a person than it is about his symbolic status as a figurehead. To exemplify this, Sagani notes that many people remember Persoq differently (according to their limited experiences/feelings about the past/fears/desires), suggesting that he, like many figureheads, becomes whatever people need him to become.

Finding Persoq

You finally catch up to a white stag in the Northweald. Sagani’s figurine glows more brightly, and you recognize Persoq’s soul in the deer. He has been felled by Glanfathan hunters. He is dying, and there isn’t much time for her to convey her message. Sagani must decide quickly what to say, but there’s only time for her to share the most important thing. Sometime after Persoq is found, Sagani has given some thought to what happened, what it meant, and how it relates to your own quest.


Sagani is less wrapped up in (or disturbed by) the “no gods” revelation, and her comments on the matter derive from how her personal quest was resolved. She primarily relates to the gods as another embodiment of tradition.

There are three paths to the Endgame. One scenario involves Sagani going home and continuing as a hunter. She becomes even more successful and valued in her tribe. Eventually, she becomes an elder (if she told Persoq about his impact on the village). In another scenario, Sagani goes home and steps down from the long hunts. She decides to spend more time enjoying her family (if she told Persoq about his family). Or, Sagani goes home and continues as a hunter. She becomes even more successful and valued in her tribe, but finds it difficult to connect, feeling as she does the intrinsic meaninglessness of the things that bind society together. She goes on longer and longer hunts (if she decided that it didn’t matter what she told Persoq).