Durance can be added to your party in Act I as you pass through Magran’s Fork. This side quest becomes available at the time he joins your party. Durance was a priest of Magran who helped build the bomb that destroyed St. Waidwen. The others who worked on it were killed. He is an anti-authoritarian wanderer who has particular dislike of the Aedyr Empire (and Readceras). He despises Eothas and anyone who worships him. He believes that they were responsible for the Hollowborn crisis. This led him to torture and ruin the souls of many Eothasians during the Purges that took place in Dyrwood in the wake of the Saint’s War.

Durance does not know why his Magranic colleagues died or why he was spared, but he assumes he did wrong by his god. Over time he comes to learn that the gods are not unlike the authority figures he so often finds himself at odds with, and that he and the assassinated Magranic clergy were nothing but pawns in the gods’ games.


Objective: Spend time traveling with Durance.

Durance keeps secrets that unravel the more you talk to him. He gets tired of questions, and periodically stops answering them, but opens back up after a rest. If you have Durance in the party in Acts II and III, you will have visions of Durance that lead to further insight into his secrets (after a certain number of rests). You must ask him about more or less everything to be equipped for the last part of his quest, which unlocks after speaking to the gods and learning of Woedica’s plot. Using knowledge gleaned from his dialogue, you must try to convince Durance that Magran conspired with Woedica, and that she no longer speaks to Durance—not because he did something to offend her, but because she wanted to cover up what she had done.

If the quest is completed, he goes on to swear revenge against Woedica. If it’s not, he lights himself on fire and dies.