This side quest is started the moment you add Edér to your party. This is possible in Act I after resting and talking to the dwarf lady hanging in the tree in Gilded Vale (see Act I Main Quest).


Objective: Bring Edér to speak with Maerwald.

“Fragments of a Scattered Faith” begins with Edér wishing to speak with Maerwald. Upon realizing that Maerwald has totally lost his marbles, Edér wants to go next to Defiance Bay with hopes the records office within the Ducal palace, while less expedient than Maerwald’s help may have been, might at least have information about his brother’s death in the Saint’s War.

The records office won’t permit just anyone to see these records. They are wary of anti-Eothasians looking up the names of Eothas worshippers and hunting them down. Reputation with Defiance Bay is the simplest way to retrieve the records.

Once access is given to the records, Edér is able to find the battlefield where his brother fell, and the record confirms he was fighting for Readceras, which comes as a blow to Edér and ratchets his anxiety about whether he fought on the right side. Next, he wants to travel to the site where he died in a battle fought in the shadow of Cliaban Rilag.

There’s an artifact from the battle at Cliaban Rilag that Edér recognizes as his brother’s. However, getting to it requires crossing the campsite of some would-be looters, who are hoping to wait out the Glanfathans standing watch (or alternatively are grateful you killed them, if that’s already happened). They make some anti-Eothasian slur and it ends in a fight.

Afterward, Edér expresses concern over the people with whom he shares a country. With the looters cleared out, an artifact is recovered. Now you need a cipher. If your character is one, you can read the artifact immediately. Kurren can do the reading there. Alternatively, the Grieving Mother can do it and in Act III or later. A Mind Hunter in Twin Elms can also read it.

The reading provides answers, but not the one which Edér sought. His brother traveled into Readceras and met St. Waidwen, and thereafter enlisted in their ranks. But the “why” of it is lost, and Edér is left to wonder what compelled his brother to enter Readceras, and what it was that changed his mind. In determining his own relationship with Dyrwood going forward, he is on his own. Although his quest is complete here, Edér is loyal to you after you’ve done him this favor. He now wants to see your quest through, just as you did his.