Two-Sided is the companion side quest that becomes available only if Aloth is in your party. Aloth can be added to your party in Act I when you first enter Gilded Vale (see Act I Main Quest). You must first complete “Never Far from the Queen” in the Copperlane Catacombs. When the opportunity is given, speak to Aloth about Iselmyr, the female soul that has awakened inside him. This begins the side quest. Your task is to find an expert on Awakenings somewhere in Defiance Bay.


Objective: Find an expert on Awakenings somewhere in Defiance Bay.

Enter the Sanitarium in Brackenbury and speak to Bellasege, who is in the first room on the left on the lower level. The first conversation option (if you have spoken to Aloth about it) is “I’m looking for an expert on Awakenings.” Select this and then “You’re in luck, I have a volunteer.” This brings Aloth and Iselmyr into the conversation. Finish the conversation options to complete the side quest.


Over the course of your journeys, you have numerous opportunities to influence Aloth to greater independence or to a greater appreciation of authority. If you sway him to authority, he takes up Thaos’ mantle and becomes the new grandmaster of the Leaden Key. If you sway him to independence, he burns Thaos’ mantle and begins dismantling the Leaden Key. If you banish him after learning of his Leaden Key ties, he sacrifices himself to one of the Engwithan machines.