Caed Nua

Warden Lodge

After repairing the Warden Lodge through stronghold upgrades, you can visit Warden Fyrgen in the lodge (1) and become a bounty hunter for him. You can accept up to four bounties at once. There are a total of 15. The following table shows where you can find each target. After killing the target and his or her cohorts, loot the body and take the Head. This is proof to show the Warden that the bounty is dead.

Stronghold Bounties
Sly Cydrel Magran’s Fork 2250 cp & Drake’s Bell
The Dweller Black Meadow 2250 cp
Nalrend The Wise Elmshore (Cave) 2250 cp
Warchief Iklak Valewood 2250 cp
Daroth Grimault Copperlane Catacombs (west end) 2500 cp
Glasdial Stormwall Gorge (Troll in the cave) 2500 cp
Songsmith Roska Cliaban Rilag (west of camp) 2500 cp & Plate, Exceptional
High Priest Thorfen Esternwood 2500 cp & Coat of Ill Payment
Foemyna Woodend Plains 2750 cp & The Rain of Godagh Field (War Bow)
Galen Dalgard Madhamr Bridge 2750 cp & Old Gerun’s Wall
Devwen Northweald Cave 2750 cp
Captain Maurumi Anslog’s Compass (Cave) 2750 cp & Pliambo per Castilàs (Arquebus)
High Arcanish Ysly Heritage Hill (Tower: 2nd Floor) 2750 cp & Pretty Pretty’s Rib (Rod)
Naroc the Prophet Cilant Lis 2500 cp & Elardh Dwr (Med Armor)
Lord Exarch Sserkal Pearlwood Bluff (found through west exit in Searing Falls) 2500 cp & Gwisk Glas (Light Armor)