This section covers the side quests, “The Master Below” and “The Master’s Tools,” as well as the task, “The Blade of the Endless Paths.” You’ll also learn about the Bounty Tasks found at the Stronghold Warden Lodge once the Stronghold has been upgraded.

Side Quest: The Master Below

  • Reward:
    • Adra Dragon’s Hoard: Wendgar (crossbow), Vengiatta Rugia (armor), Little Savior (shield), Puitente med Principe (sceptre), and Minoleta’s Grimoire.
    • If you side with the dragon and fight Falanroed: Autumn Fire (scale armor), Half-Mast (pollaxe) and copper.
    • If you tell Falanroed of the dragon’s request before going back down to kill it: Scale-Breaker (talent).
  • Reactivity:
    • Trophy/Stronghold rewards if the dragon is slain (along with loot): Big prestige and security jump. End-slide updates accordingly.

Side Quest: The Master’s Tools

  • Reward:
    • Drawn in Spring (dagger)
  • Reactivity:
    • Access to Krivi’s store.

Task: The Blade of the Endless Paths

  • Reward:
    • Blade of the Endless Paths (forged)
  • Reactivity:
    • None

A Sinister Presence Awakens

Caed Nua

Stronghold: Great Hall

Your new steward of the Stronghold informs you that a powerful Engwithan constructed a labyrinthine dungeon underneath Caed Nua now known as the Endless Paths of Od Nua. Within these paths are twisted experiments and the ravaged souls of his people. Whenever someone tries to take possession of this stronghold, a powerful force still dwelling within the ruins awakens and sends forth a flood of monsters to retake it. You must deal with this sinister presence.

After finding Maerwald under your Stronghold of Caed Nua, make sure you’ve started the Main Quest “Never Far from the Queen,” then return to the strange steward in the Great Hall. Tell her of your recent findings. Steer the conversation toward “the Master Below,” and the Endless Paths that may eventually lead to him. The quest then begins.

New Quest: The Master Below
Objective: Explore the Endless Paths

Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1

Exit the Great Hall by entering the Dungeons you should have explored while searching for Maerwald, battling any remaining spiders (1). Head southwest to the stairs (2) leading down to the Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1. This is where you fought more Spiders, some Beetles, and the looters en route to your confrontation with Maerwald. From this entrance (3), head directly south, slaying any spiders in this storage room, and a trio of Xaurips close to a door (4) with a shimmering wall of energy. It’s inactive only once you get the quest from the Steward. (So, after Maerwald is dead and you return to speak with her, then ask about the ‘curse’ on the keep.) Enter and head down the stairs to the south (in the southeast corner of this level).

Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 2

Xaurip Entrance Camp

This is the lair of a tribe of Xaurips. They revere The Master Below and are raising Wurms. From the stairs (5), head southeast into a Xaurip camp and slay the six foes there. Step through the entrance to a corridor, and continue southwest, slaying two more Xaurips (6).

Xaurip Southwest Camp

Check the corridor running southeast; it ends at a door to the southwest, which opens up into a large camp (7) with four Xaurips and a Wurm to slay. The first of four weapon parts is in the small shelter doorway. This begins the task, “The Blade of the Endless Paths.” Here you discover the Broken Blade. Gather any other treasure and retrace your steps.

New Task: The Blade of the Endless Paths
Objective: Find more pieces of the ancient sword.

Xaurip North Supply Room to Hatchery

Northeast of the initial corridor is a longer passageway that stretches southeast. Before venturing down there, check the Supply Room (8) to the north, and slit the throat of a wounded Xaurip. Gather items, then head southeast down the corridor, battling a Wurm and Xaurip along the way. Turn northeast at the junction, entering a wider corridor of crypts, which leads to the Xaurips’ hatchery (9). Slay the two Xaurips and four Wurms you disturb. From there, you can inspect a recently-hatched Wurm before rounding the corner, heading southeast, and accessing the stairs down to Level 3.

Xaurip East Supply Room

Continue further southeast down the corridor instead of heading to the hatchery, and you reach a side doorway leading into a square-shaped supply room (10). Watch for the trap as you enter, and examine the corpse; search it for Faramund’s Curse.

Xaurip East Camp

Southeast of the previous supply room is a camp with access southwest (to the Outpost) and northeast (to the stairs). Slay the Wurm and two Xaurips that you meet.

Xaurip Outpost

Southwest of the East Camp is a long cobblestone crypt room. This is the entrance to the Sacrificial Chasm (11). The number of foes increases here. Slay four Xaurips and four Wurms. Your only exit is to the northeast—the large and bloody opening into the chasm.

Sacrificial Chasm

Prepare for your hardest fight here (11); you must defeat 12 Xaurips of differing strengths before you can inspect this circular chamber of death. Two Lost Spirits appear on the edge of this bloody precipice, urging you to stay away. At this point, you can leave the chasm alone, heading northeast to the exit stairs down or jump into it. If you choose the latter, you drop all the way to Level 5. Don’t do it! You still have areas to inspect on Levels 3 and 4.

Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 3

Task: Desperate Measures

A band of Ogres has been sealed into this area, and they’ve resorted to cannibalism.

Thulgar’s Camp

From the entrance stairs (12), head north to meet an Ogre named Thulgar (13). Though you can slay him if you wish, it is beneficial to complete his task: “Desperate Measures.”

New Task: Desperate Measures
Objective: Kill Zolla the ogre chieftain and retrieve her ceremonial torc.

South Canal Bridge and Side

Check the sarcophagus for a trap before crossing the bridge (14) heading southwest. Engage the patrolling Ogre on the opposite side. The southern side of the canal runs northwest to southeast, and there are Ogres in either direction. Slay the pair to the northwest, then fight two more to the southeast (close to a corpse you can loot), and another two in a small dead-end chamber adjacent to the opening into Zolla’s Camp (16). The safest (and most direct exit) route is to the northeast.

Engwithan Door (Main Staircase)

Just before you reach the first cannibal ogre camp, there’s an opening to the northwest that allows you to reach a special staircase (15). This passage lets you head all the way back to the surface, or down to previously-explored floors without traipsing there manually. Use these shortcuts liberally as they usually appear on every other floor you visit.

Cannibal Ogre Camp

Three open chambers to the west house a trio of Ogres that must be slain. After dealing with that threat, continue your inspection of this level by heading down the corridor to the southeast, dropping a patrolling Ogre as you go.

Black Ooze Exit

If you’d like to descend to the next level, you must access the crumbling wall opening down the southwest corridor, facing a sextet of Black Ooze foes before you reach the stairs (17) down to Level 4.

Catacomb Ossuary (Zolla’s Camp)

Five Ogres, including the immense Zolla herself, reside in this fetid lair (16). Slay her as part of the “Desperate Measures” task, then take Zolla’s Torc from her corpse. Scout the room first to find the treasure next to her throne.

Task Updated
Objective: Return the torc to Thulgar.

Run back through the areas you cleared and speak to Thulgar (13) again to complete this task.

Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 4

Task: Seals of the Endless Paths

Trolls and fully-grown Black Oozes dominate this level, comprised of ancient catacombs and bridges across canals. This is where you first spot the top of the head of a giant Adra statue.

Entrance Chamber to Ancient Stone Bridge

This dank place is eerily quiet. The starting point (18) has exits to the south and east. The latter is safer as it allows a direct exit across to a stone bridge, and a quicker exit to this level. Choose the south exit to reach the Troll Ossuary, and a more thorough exploration.

Ossuary and South Corridors

Approach these areas from the bridge or the entrance. Expect a Troll and four Black Oozes on the eastern passages near the Ossuary (19). Find two further Trolls and three more Black Oozes in the area to the south, near the top of the southern steps (20) that lead down to the Crypt Vaults. The Ossuary itself contains five Trolls, so approach it with caution before ransacking the crypts for items.

Crypt Vaults and Small Library

Four more Black Oozes and a Troll lurk to the south, at the bottom of the stone steps. They guard a small stone chamber (21) with an exit east and west, which contains scattered books, as well as a trapped chest containing an Expedition Note and a Bloodstone Overseer Seal. This is important as it opens a door on level 6 and starts the task “Seals of the Endless Paths.” The excavated passage east of the Small Library is teeming with foes. Slay six Black Oozes and a Troll.

New Task: Seals of the Endless Paths
Objective: Investigate the mysterious seal.

Giant Adra Statue (Head)

Work your way from the bridge around the rocks to the north and fight a group of six Black Oozes. When you reach the two sets of steps (22), prepare for combat with five Beetles. You receive an addendum to your quest when you inspect the giant Adra head.

Engwithan Archway Exit

Head down the stone steps to the south and prepare for combat with three Trolls and two Black Oozes. You then encounter two Swamp Oozes and a Troll on your way northward along the old excavation route, toward a doorway (23) and steps down to Level 5. Do not exit yet.

Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 5

This is another layer of excavation, with Engwithan ruins starting to appear in abundance. Xaurips sacrificed back on Level 2 and a nasty Drake make this level their home.

Entrance and Xaurip Nests

From the entry stairwell (24) there are three Xaurips to the west of you and an entrance into a few small chambers. There are seven Xaurips to the north just before a tunnel curves around to the northwest. Another dozen Xaurips prowls further ahead, so make slow progress to avoid being overwhelmed.

Xaurip Storage, Treasure, and Parchment Rooms

There’s a tight, square-shaped room (25) in the south-central area of this level. Slay the six Xaurips there. You access this from the entrance, and there are exits to the north and south. To the west is a golden door. Open this by pressing the purple Scouting brick on the north wall near the corner and enter the treasure room (26) that holds an Ornate Sword Hilt. This is the second of four parts of “The Blade of the Endless Paths” quest. The south exit leads to three floor traps in the room with a table, upon which is a parchment from the expedition you may have been reading up on.

Addendum Added: The Blade of the Endless Paths

Northern Nest and Engwithan Exit

The tunnel curving northwest passes the Main Stairwell (27). The larger, vaguely triangular room to the west contains a host of Xaurips—a group of seven, a second group of seven, and a third group of five—all ready to attack.

Bloody Pool and Drake Den

The Bloody Pool (28) is to the southwest. This is where you land if you dropped from Level 2. Head northeast to reach a large ceremonial chamber where you must battle a dozen Xaurips and a mighty Drake after a fruitless conversation. Climb the stairs in the northwest (29) to access the next level.

Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 6

These catacombs belong to the original Engwithan workers who died in their efforts to construct the giant Adra statue of Od Nua’s son. So no time was wasted, the bodies were left here instead of being hauled back to the surface.

Entrance and Central Crypt

You begin in the southwest corner (30) of this level. Head northeast, and methodically slay the many Skeletal Fighters, Rangers, Rogues, Wizards, and Dargul foes in this initial chamber. There are exits in the northwest, two to the northeast, and one to the southeast.

Northwest Overseer Chamber

This tight crypt space (31) has eight undead foes to battle. It’s accessible via the northeast (left) corridor from the Central Crypt. You must face these foes to open a trapped sarcophagus and collect the Peridot Overseer Seal inside.

Eastern Overseer Chamber

Access this area via the eastern exit from the Central Crypt, just north of the bridge. Pass two purple torches and turn the corner to face eight skeletal enemies. Search the crypt for the Arbalest (32), a very good crossbow.

Bridge and Southeast Overseer Chamber

Two Darguls and a Skeletal Wizard guard the bridge to the southeast of the Central Crypt (33) and try to stop you from visiting this dead-end chamber. This is an important area to loot; the dead wizard named Drafden has an expedition note to read, and the trapped sarcophagus contains a critical item: Sapphire Overseer Seal. Seals of the Endless Paths updates at this point, and concludes when you successfully open the main locked door on this level.

Task Updated: Seals of the Endless Paths
Objective: Open the door.

Northeast Overseer Chamber

This area (34) is straight ahead, northeast of the Central Crypt. It features a number of skeletal foes and provides access to the southeast via a crumbling wall, which leads into the Door Chamber. Avoid getting overrun by a mob of foes here!

Door Chamber

Enter the wall opening in the Northeast Overseer Chamber. Slay the 10 skeletal foes and loot the sprawled remains of a dead adventurer named Merec. His Bloody Expedition Log Page offers information about the door (35). The northeast wall is dominated by a ceremonial door. To progress further into this dungeon, you must insert the three Seals you’ve collected into the sockets, in the correct order. Here’s how:

  • Place the Sapphire Seal into the left socket (the socket has an engraved eye, and the seal represents clarity of vision).
  • Place the Bloodstone Seal into the middle socket (the socket has an engraved sword, and the seal represents the blood).
  • Place the Peridot Seal into the right socket (the socket has an engraved hammer, and the seal represents the ore mined).

Kana remarks on your progress as the door slides open, providing access to the stairs (36) down to Level 7… If you dare!

Quest Updated: The Master Below
Objective: Descend further into the Endless Paths of Od Nua.

Endless Paths Level 7

Side Quest: Time and Tide (companion quest)

You can discover and activate a truly wondrous series of Engwithan forges, providing you’re able to fight back the elemental Blights. This is also the level where the “Time and Tide” side quest updates.

Main Tunnel Thoroughfare

Continue southeast from the stair entry (37), passing the entrance to the Earth Blight Forge, and engage the group of Flame and Earth Blights at the junction. From here, the tunnel runs northeast to southwest. Check the surrounding area first. The exit is to the northeast.

Earth Blight Forge

This is in the northern part (38) of the level, and has eight Earth Blights milling about the central forge. There’s a strange pedestal on the opposite (northeast) side of the chamber. It requires the Earth Prism to activate. Search the alcove to the northwest for a chest containing the Primal Wind Prism.

Fire Blight Forge

At the central tunnel junction, turn and walk southwest, then access the opening in the northeast wall to reach a chamber (39) filled with eight Flame Blights. Slay these foes and return here when you’ve found the Fire Prism, positioning it on the pedestal on the northwest perimeter of this chamber.

Torture Pillar Chamber

There’s a dead-end chamber (40) at the far end of the southwest tunnel with Earth, Wind, and Flame Blights guarding a number of odd pillars with skeletons clamped to them. Open the chest in the western shadowy corner of this location; it contains the Rain Prism and the Old Copper Key.

Southeast Tunnels

Enter the L-shaped wide corridor to access the remaining two Blight Forges. A cluster of nine Wind and Rain Blights guards the Rain Forge. Just before the tunnel turns to the southwest, an archway leads to a tiny chamber (41) with a chest. Open it to reveal the Fire Prism. The entrance to the Wind Forge is to the southwest, along with a mob of seven more Blights (Flame and Wind). There’s a locked door on the southeast wall.

Rain Blight Forge

Access this forge (42) at the northeastern corner of the tunnels. Defeat eight Rain Blights, then insert the Prism (found in the Torture Pillar chamber) into the pedestal to start the Forge.

Wind Blight Forge

Enter this forge (43) at the southwest end of the tunnels. Slay the nine Wind Blights inside, then insert the Wind Prism (found in the Fire Blight Forge) into the pedestal to start the Forge.

Gabrannos’ Study

There’s a locked door (44) in the southeast corner of this level that opens with the Old Copper Key found in the Torture Pillar Chamber. Gabrannos is inside, the fellow Kana has been searching for (“Time and Tide” side quest). Unfortunately, he’s now a Skeletal Wizard who must be slain! Check the table for the tablet, then scour the area for items to pilfer as Kana’s quest concludes. The chest to the left of the door contains the Earth Prism.

Side Quest Complete: Time and Tide

Chamber of the Greater Blights

In order to escape to the next level down, you must reach the northeast end of the tunnel, where a rocky chamber opens. Prepare for a fiendish fight with a Spectre and Greater Blights of each of the four elements. Activating the forges imprisons each of the Greater Blights. If you’re already up to tackling them head-on, the motivation for lighting the forges is somewhat lessened. When all foes are defeated, inspect the ornate pedestal they were guarding. It activates the door (45), allowing access downstairs. However, you must first place all the prisms in the correct element chamber. Activate the pedestal in each room and the corresponding prism is removed from your inventory. The Fire Prism goes in the Fire Chamber (39), Wind Prism in Wind Chamber (43), Rain Prism in the Rain Chamber (42), and the Earth Prism in the Earth Chamber (38). Once all prisms are in place, activate the door pillar to open the door (45), then head down to level 8.

Endless Paths Level 8

This large Engwithan lair is now home to dozens of animated skeletal foes, along with their leader, who sits at the left hand of Od Nua’s son.

Initial Corridors

From the entrance point (46), watch for two traps as you head northeast along this corridor. You may open the locked arched door (8 Mechanics, + 9 Lockpicks, or 9 Mechanics), or head to the opposite end of the corridor and fight seven Skeletal foes (Fighters, Rangers, Rogues). Turn right (southeast). You encounter Adra Beetles and a second group of skeletal foes led by a fearsome Fampyr! Watch for three more skeletal enemies that storm in from the north.

Curved Balcony Path

A curved path (47) overlooks the giant outstretched hand of this immense Adra statue. Defeat the three Adra Beetles to the right (east). By the bridge itself, a group of seven skeletal entities guards two tunnel openings to the northwest and north. The Fampyr with whom you must converse is on the Adra statue’s hand (48).

Adra Beetle Chamber

Four Adra Beetles scuttle to the northeast in a small chamber. They’re guarding an Engwithan set of steps that allows you to head back out to the parchment map and exit (49).

Soul Machine Chamber

There’s a chamber to the north with an Adra-encased soul machine (50). It is guarded by a Fampyr, five Dargul, and a Skeletal Fighter. Check the locked chest (7 Mechanics + 8, Lockpicks, or 8 Mechanics).

Engwithan Corridors

There are plenty of undead to slay in the corridors behind the locked door, southwest of the Soul Machine Chamber. If you’re heading in from the northeast, tackle a Fampyr and five Dargul to reach the main corridor (51). Expect to find a Fampyr and six more Dargul enemies behind the locked door. The side corridor to the southwest has a Fampyr and seven skeletal adversaries.

Circular Chamber

Head northwest up from the side corridor into the northwestern corner of this level, and face a host of Dargul (seven of them) led by a Fampyr in a strange, circular chamber (52). Then gather treasure from a chest inside an alcove room northwest of this chamber. You can find the Good Friend crossbow inside.

Fampyr Resting Chamber

Off the circular chamber is a large formal area (53) filled with a Skeletal Ranger, Skeletal Wizard, six Dargul, and a Fampyr.

Engwithan Statue Bridge

Cross the bridge, and wait as an elderly Fampyr (48) begins to speak ancient Engwithan, much to the delight of Kana. Not much information can be pried from this withered old man. If you have cleared all the rooms of enemies, then you can tell him you did so and this opens a few more conversation options (only if you have completed enough of the Heritage Hill leg of the critical path to learn the Engwithan language. If they cannot understand the fampyr, he will simply attack). He will respond:

  • “Who are you?”
  • “What was this place?”
  • “How have you stayed alive all this time?”
  • “What happened here?”
  • “I’m looking for the Master Below. Do you know who that is?”

You receive an addendum to the quest after talking to him. There’s no reason to kill him and his party unless you want the experience and what little items they have. Exit via the bridge to the southeast and proceed into a chamber with stairs leading down (54). This area is guarded by three Adra Beetles.

Endless Paths Level 9

The burial crypts are rife with the looming spirits of yore. This place is also home to dozens of Beetles feasting on the mineral deposits seeping from the walls.

Northern Passages and Beetle Chamber

From the entry (55), head eastward and meet the five Adra Beetles and a Swamp Slime in combat (56). Then check the chamber to the south, which has four more Beetles and three Swamp Slimes to slay, along with a locked door (11 Mechanics + 12 Lockpicks, or 12 Mechanics) (57).

Room of Spikes

Follow the corridor east-southeast toward the cave-in, then open the door to the northeast. Enter this extremely dangerous chamber (58), which has a dozen small containers. Be sure to take only one character through, or you’ll step on a spike and succumb to your wounds. Move to each container, looking for a key. The Small Bronze Key is in the cage closest to the skeleton on the wall. Loot that, too. Use the Small Bronze Key to open the last cage (the southeastern-most container in the room). The Old Copper Key is inside. Exit the chamber via the south door (59) using this key.

Southern Corridors and Secret Chamber

A wide corridor runs southwest, with access to a narrower corridor (60) with three Spectres to slay, and three more along the narrow corridor running parallel along the southern edge. Watch for floor traps here. You can also access the secret chamber (61) via the wall switch, opposite the door. You usually find it when Scouting floor traps in this corridor. There’s a Broken Blade inside the large vase, the third part of the four pieces that make up The Blade of the Endless Paths task.

Addendum: The Blade of the Endless Paths

Southeast Adra Pillar Chambers

There are two adjacent chambers (62) on the southeast side of this level. One features a Skeleton and Adra pillars to inspect. The other has four Spectres and a Skeleton to loot.

Burial Chamber of Spectres

The central chamber (63) is accessible via the locked door or by simply stepping through the gap in the southeast wall. Slay the eight Spectres, Swamp Slime, and Cean Gwˆla inside, then inspect this torture chamber for loot.

Adra Beetle Chambers

The two remaining chambers (64) house more Beetles (Stone and Adra, respectively). Slay these beasts or just ignore them; it’s your choice.

The Pit

Six Spectres float and a Swamp Slime slithers around this central hole (65) with deadly spikes at the bottom. Climb the ladder down into the hole to Level 10.

Endless Paths Level 10

This is an area where the ancient Engwithans attempted small-scale experiments. Several sections of the ruins have collapsed in the intervening years, and spiders have begun to tunnel in from surrounding caverns. Victims of Od Nua’s experiments still haunt this place.

Entrance Chamber of Shadows

As you attempt to open the door from this entrance (66), you are surrounded by four Shades and a Shadow. Slay them before continuing.

Spider Tunnels

The majority of this level consists of a winding tunnel filled with spiders and spiderlings (Widowmakers, Crystal Eaters, and Ivory Spinners) at four different points. You also encounter Vithrack in the main passageway. Make methodical progress so you aren’t swarmed by multiple foes, and check the webs for items. Head northeast if you prefer to escape down the stairs to the next level. One of the Web Sacs in the southeast dead-end spider tunnel houses Aedrin’s Wrecker, a superbly crushing lash crossbow. Look in the Web Sac found by Scouting. The sac next to this one contains the Adra Key, which allows access to the room in the north with the Spectres.

Room of Ghosts

Use the Adra Key to open the door (67) to the northeast. Then prepare for battle with a Cean Gwˆla and four Spectres. Loot the Cean Gwˆla for an impressive item. Scout the debris for the Topaz before you take the stairs (68) down to the next level.

Endless Paths Level 11

This level of Od Nua’s dungeon has been usurped by a hag, who makes her lair in these fungus-filled caves, fussing over the flora.

Tunnel Fork and Engwithan Steps

You begin in the southwest corner (69), with an adjacent access cave to the north, leading out to any previously-explored level. To the east, a Menpwgra flees from you, urging you to stay away.

The Wall of Thorns

Inspect a thick vine wall (70). Cross it (choose this option each time) to reach the other side, and the exit steps to the east.

Northern Spore Chambers

The chamber (71) north and slightly west of your starting point houses a huge number of Spore-based foes. Slay all 11 of them and check the dead adventurer for loot. The Menpwgra isin the very northeastern corner, which has a Giant Dank Spore and two Swamp Spores. Exit via the east stairwell (72).

Endless Paths Level 12

As the ruins give way to Adra-laced caves, this level is home to Vithracks and their spider allies. The Vithrack have been here for only a few decades, but find it adequate for their research purposes. They respect the Master Below, watching his power grow.

Entrance Chamber and Three-Fork Tunnel

You begin in the southwest corner (73) of this level, with three tunnels from which to choose. The right (east) tunnel leads to a dead-end (74) and three Crystal Eater spiders to slay. To the northeast is a group of robed figures with strange spider-like faces. These are Vithrack (75) and they are unfriendly. Defeat the four of them. To the north you find a narrow tunnel (76) and five Crystal Eater spiders.

Northwest Crystal Eater Lair

There are three groups of Crystal Eaters in this cob-webbed set of passages—a group of six to the north in their cob-webbed lair, and seven more up along the tunnel (76) to the north.

Cob-web Bridge (and south cul-de-sac)

The main span across this level is a cob-webbed bridge (77) with two spiders on it, and another six in a central platform (78). Slay these, or avoid them by moving around the edge of this level. There’s a cul-de-sac tunnel to the south of here, where a Mad Vithrack and her six spider friends cannot be reasoned with. Defeat them and take the Polished Pommel Stone from the Mad Vithrack’s corpse. This is the final piece needed to forge the Blade of the Endless Paths.

Task Updated: The Blade of the Endless Paths
Objective: Forge the blade.

Tcharek’s Lair

To the north is a lair of Vithracks (and pet spiders). Their leader is Tcharek (79), and he isn’t immediately hostile. You can:

  • Speak with some degree of pleasantness, and learn that Tcharek seeks to know more about Adra—how to shape it toward their own purposes.
  • Offer to help Tcharek find some Adra for this purpose, and start side quest: “The Master’s Tools.”
  • [Attack] Or simply attack these spider-faced fiends.
New Side Quest: The Master’s Tools
Objective: Descend further into the next level of the Endless Paths.

Afterwards, you may wish to visit Krivi (80) in his laboratory (of sorts) where liquids of indeterminate contents are scattered about round tables.

Kestorik’s Exit

Head east through the arch, then northward along the cobblestones where you’re stopped by a Vithrack named Kestorik (81). You must fight her, along with her three Vithrack Scouts and Trained Crystal Spider. She surrenders near the end of the fray and you can choose to take her prisoner or just finish her as she requests. Exit the level using the staircase along the north wall of Kestorik’s chamber.

Endless Paths Level 13

These ruins represent the apex of Od Nua’s reign. His most devoted servants were found here, and many lives were taken within these spacious areas amidst the massive machines. Some of his victims still haunt these halls, as do perpetrators bound to the large Adra Animats that patrol here.

South Spirit Chamber

Quest Updated: The Master’s Tools
Objective: Search the ruins.

“The Master’s Tools” side quest updates as soon as you enter (82) this level. Wander northeast, then southeast to your first encounter with a group of Adra Animats (83). Slay them, then interact with the three spirits that appear afterwards.

Southeast Crystal Chamber

Continue in an easterly direction, passing through a connecting chamber (84) with a single Adra Animat to an adjacent room where four must be removed. Then head northeast into a long, T-shaped room with a broken table (85), as well as six Adra Animats and two Cean Gwlas. Continue north and access a small, square-shaped room (86) with green-glowing crystals and an indistinct spirit. Then watch for the trap as you pry a crystal from the alcove where two globe-like machines are pointing. This is the Gleaming Adra Fragment, which triggers an addendum to your quest.

Addendum Added: The Master’s Tools

Rooms of Ghosts and Chests

North of the crystal chamber is a room (87) with circular a table, one Spectre, and four Cean Gwla. This room is accessible only if you chose to ‘absorb knowledge’ from Maerwald, way back in the day. Otherwise, you won’t find any switch at all. After banishing the foes, a spirit appears close to the wall to the northeast. Speak to it, then access the central table to remove the wall and enter a statue chamber (88) filled with Adra growths. Ransack the two chests here to obtain the Gauntlets of Swift Action and The Flames of Fair Rhîan (sword).

Western Broken Machine

Off the L-shaped corridor (near the entry) you discover a small chamber (89) with a bulbous, but broken Engwithan machine. Remove the floor traps and then inspect it. Gather the Engwithan Machine Part from the machine before continuing. It must be collected for Tcharek (79) as part of the side quest.

Addendum Added: The Master’s Tools

Northeast Chambers

Head away from the central Engwithan Door to reach a room with circular floor mosaics (90) and two attacking Spectres, along with four Cean Gwlas. Then speak to one of a group of appearing spirits. You can find a Stiletto in the vase in this room.

Northwest of this junction chamber is a connecting corridor with an Adra Animat to slay, and a dead-end chamber (91).

Northeast of the junction chamber is room (92) of glowing Adra and five Animats with a Cean Gwla. Before leaving, inspect the Cracked Animat Armor lying on the earth by the Adra crystals. It contains the final element needed for Tcharek: Adra Shell. This shell should be collected for Tcharek as part of the side quest. At this point, backtrack to Level 13, speak to Tcharek, and conclude this side quest.

Addendum Added: The Master’s Tools

Engwithan Door

The central part of this level contains a trapped junction dominated by a large, ornate Engwithan door (93). You are almost overcome with the whispering of voices, expecting a response. Speak to the door, selecting “4. I am enemy to Od Nua. My sword arm is pledged against his followers. My soul is sworn to this purpose.” You know this phrase only by speaking to the spirits that appear after you finish the group of animats in the smaller room at the south (full of round machines) and the large group of Caen Gwla to the northeast (by that secret room mentioned previously). They give you the original oath of loyalty and the information that it was altered when the rebelling Engwithans came through and killed Od Nua and his devotees. Otherwise you will not have the option to say it, since you have no knowledge of it. Only then does the door grind open, allowing access to the final chamber, where you must face a Guardian of Od Nua and his Adra Animat minions in combat. Make sure to find the Scouting item in the vase: Trollhide Belt. Then you can head down the stairs (94), into the penultimate level.

Endless Paths Level 14

Od Nua was slain while fleeing toward the deepest level of this complex, but his remains were left behind when the Glanfathans sealed the ruins.

Od Nua’s Resting Place

You enter this level through the southwest stairs (95). This area is effectively one giant, elaborate circular tomb. However, you may wish to access the area to the west, leading northwest to a set of Engwithan steps (96) allowing access to the parchment map, and any previous level. Now walk to the central part of the level, where a shard of Adra encases an indistinct figure. The shade emerges like a wound in the world, split open to reveal a hollow darkness. The Spirit of Od Nua speaks! You can:

  • [Intellect 17, or Lore 5] Engage in intelligent conversation, using your Intellect or Lore knowledge to convince him you mean no harm, as well as learning more about the Master Below. You can then leave without combat.
  • [Attack] Any other conversation choice, or more violent chatter (or simply attacking) results in combat. Along with Od Nua’s spirit are three toughened spectral guards; Andara, Riomara, and Isarna.
Quest Updated: The Master Below
Objective: Confront the Master Below

The quest updates and you can now leave this chamber via the northeast stairs (97).

Endless Paths Level 15

This is the lowest level of the Endless Paths. It holds both the ancient remains of Od Nua’s work—the skeletons of works, rotten scaffolding, and the massive statue of his son—as well as the great lair of a giant female Adra Dragon, the Mistress Below!

Archways and Apetures

From the entrance (98) head northeast, then southeast down the steps as you pass through a series of stone archways above bubbling lava floes below. When you turn and head southwest, watch for an ambush—these four Xaurips are little match for your prowess. Then check under the arches for loot.

Edge of the Great Clearing

Continue southwest, facing down six Xaurips, then head down some steps onto rough stony ground. To the south is a Xaurip lair; clear it of its six foes before turning and heading northeast to a final, large archway that leads to some collapsed stairs (99). Simply select “Climb carefully down the rocks” to make it safely to the great clearing.

The Master Below

Proceed to the east (100) until your vision is filled by the giant talons of a glowing menace—a huge Adra Dragon, the Master Below! She rises up, and a conversation begins. Prepare for a battle to the death!

Quest Updated: The Master Below
Objective: Kill the Master Below.

You have to convince the dragon that you’re going to help her ‘escape’ by transferring her soul. You must then take the amulet to the hand at the first level of Od Nua (the floor where you fought Maerwald). The hand is in the northwest. These steps are in the quest file. You can then seek out Falanroed in the Black Meadow. If you decide to double-cross the dragon and tell the wizard about the plan, then the amulet the dragon gave you will shatter, and you get the Scale-Breaker talent from Falanroed. Otherwise, you are free to give Falanroed the amulet as agreed, and fight her instead (an easier alternative to fighting the adra dragon, which will give you a different ending to the quest).

The adra dragon gets some support from another small xaurip group at the start of this branching path toward the treasure. If you manage to side with the dragon, she will still first warn you, then attack if you try to steal her treasure. The quest concludes once you defeat this beast, and you are free to investigate the treasure lying in the huge pile to the northeast, around the right side of the statue’s feet! Remember to access the Engwithan steps in the northwest corner of Level 14, so you can immediately ascend to the surface—unless you fancy walking all the way back again!