This catch-all category of items is used for items that are not equipment, consumables, ingredients, or currency. It includes items like art objects, gems, and other items of value, but also items that can be used in scripted interactions like ropes, grappling hooks, wooden poles, etc.


Gems are a staple of the game, so you find bunches of them in the world. They are a combination of “real world” (Earth) gemstones, as well as stones that are unique to game’s world. Gems are often used in crafting recipes.

Tâ Ondra Tara 250cp
Translated as “Ondra’s Tooth,” these are large baroque (teardrop-shaped) pearls most commonly found and traded by aumaua.
Sapphire 950cp
One of the world’s hardest stones and also one of its rarest, sapphires are most often blue and often quite vivid in their coloration.
Emerald 750cp
A highly rare stone, emeralds are usually thought of as green, but in some cases can be completely colorless. The discovery of an emerald deposit generally means a lifetime of prosperity for its discoverer.
Diamond 350cp
This mostly colorless stone is popular for its shimmering look, but is not especially rare and can be purchased at reasonable prices in most areas of the world.
Ruby 850cp
Rubies typically range in hue from pink to red, with the deeper shades being more highly valued. The crystals in their natural state are found in triangular clusters, but come in a wide variety of cuts when brought to market.
Peridot 50cp
Found almost exclusively in a pale green color, peridot is a glassy stone that is easy to find, but difficult to find in specimens of gem-worthy quality.
Velune 65cp
Velune’s namesake is a yellow-orange fruit found in Old Vailia. These clear gemstones bear a similar yellow-orange color and are often cut like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Most of the world’s known Velune mines have long since dried up, and the stone has become one of the most sought after in recent years.
Garnet 85cp
Garnets come in nearly every color, but are most frequently pictured as being red or orange. On the rarer side of Eora’s stones, garnet is also known for its hardness and is occasionally employed by certain blacksmiths in steel etching.
Pearl 100cp
Pearls are formed in the mouths of clams and similar animals. They are hard spheres, most often white, that show faint iridescence. Being difficult to come by in large numbers, they are every bit as rare as many precious stones and, consequently, just as expensive.
Adra 3cp
An organic material crystalline in structure, but shell-like in substance, adra can be found growing up through the ground in veins in many parts of Eora. Easy to carve and manipulate, it is a favorite of jewelers as a semiprecious stone, and is often cut more intricately and beautifully than other gems.
Agate 5cp
Agates are common on Eora, oft-used by craftsmen for their bright colors. Their considerable hardness also lends them a variety of more practical applications.
Amethyst 10cp
Amethyst can be found in a variety of shades, but those of darkest purple are considered to be the most valuable. Discovery of new sources has become commonplace in the past few hundred years, and amethyst no longer fetches the same value it once did.
Turquoise 12cp
Turquoise is an amorphous, semiprecious stone, opaque and blue or blue-green in its general color, but often flecked with darker deposits.
Jasper 15cp
Jasper is found in the wild as a dull, mottled stone, frequently in red or green, but often with a variety of colors lent by other surrounding minerals. While relatively easy to find, polished, the stone’s distinctive swirls of color give it endless variety.
Bloodstone 25cp
Bloodstone is traditionally a dark stone, often a deep green. But the presence of pockets of iron or red jasper resembling blood spatter give the stone its name, as well as its value.
Moonstone 25cp
Moonstone derives its name from its moonlight-like luster, and is sometimes collected by Ondra’s Giftbearers, who associate the stone’s presence in the world with the legends of Ondra’s love affair with the moon.
Adra Bán 35cp
“White adra” is an extraordinarily rare precious stone found in some formations of adra. It sometimes appears immediately adjacent to copper conductors used in Engwithan structures. It has a luminescent white color with pink and violet veins striations running through it.
Topaz 500cp
A glassy mineral on the common end of Eora’s precious stones, topaz comes in warm and cold colors, depending upon its impurities, but blue topaz, generally of a lighter shade than would be found on most sapphires, is its most iconic incarnation.
Heart of White March 3500cp
The Heart of White March is a priceless jewel known for its pale glow and named after the equally famous mountain range it was discovered in. Jewels like this were once believed to attract dragons.
Opal 150cp
Opal has a base color of a pearly white, but it is among the world’s most precious stones in large part for the aesthetic beauty of the bright iridescence it displays, in addition to its general rarity.

Adventure Items

The following is a list of items used in scripted interactions. These are designed to be used specific circumstances to have want these to have occasional use, but they don’t need to be useful that often. Some of them are mostly for flavor, and they’re all cheap. In all cases, the interaction item must be in the Pack, not the Stash, to work.

Adventure Items
Flint and Tinder 5cp
A sharp piece of flint to be struck with steel and a small amount of tinder is all that’s needed to start a fire in most situations.
Rope and Grappling Hook 15cp
Grappling hooks can be used to anchor a rope to locations that may be hard to reach by foot. Though often used to scale high walls, they have many potential applications. The usefulness of the rope is limited only by the imagination of the adventurer carrying it.
Prybar 12cp
Effective for prying open certain types of containers, but not especially useful on doors due to the uneven and narrow distribution of its leverage.
Hammer and Chisel 10cp
A simple iron hammer and chisel, useful for chipping away at hard surfaces, particularly ones that display structural weakness.