Wealth (cp) is what players use to buy things and currency items are among the most common treasures found in the world. Currency items have a number of different forms, but as soon as the player picks the item up, it’s converted to the nominal values and simply added to the party’s cp total.

For example, a player opens a chest and they see five silver lusces inside. When this is picked up the phrase “Gained 5 silver lusces (15cp).” If displayed. The five actual silver lusce items are destroyed and simply converted to cp added to the party’s total wealth.

Standard Coinage Types

The standard coinage of commerce is the Dyrwoodan copper pand (pahnd, “pawn”), abbreviated as “cp”. This is a high-volume currency used in everyday trade and is the basis for most transactions.

The pand is augmented by the Dyrwoodan gold duc (so-named for the original coins’ portrait of Duc Admeth Hadret), worth 12 pands.

Also somewhat common in the Dyrwood are the Vailian silver lusce (LOO-shay, “fish”), typically worth 3 pands and the suole (SWHO-lay, “sun”), worth 9 pands. Rarely, wealthy people will use the oversized oble (OH-blay, “double”) worth 18 pands.

Glanfathans use relatively crude (but large) copper coins called awld (auld, “knot”) worth 2 pands. They also rarely trade even larger, intricately-carved adra coins called enîach (EH-nee-ach [German ch], “honor”). They aren’t made specifically to be used as currency, but are gifted to people by an anamfath (AH-nahm-fah, “soul prince”, Glanfathan) for noteworthy deeds. They are worth about 60 pands.

Aedyrans use copper coins called skeyt (skayt, “wealth”) worth 1 pand. They also use a large silver coin called fenning (FEH-nihng, “coin”) worth 6 pands and the gold scelling (SHEH-ling) worth 12 pands.

Adra Eniach 18cp
Not currency in the traditional sense, eniachs are awarded to Glanfathans for noteworthy deeds. They are palm-sized, intricately-carved discs of adra that commemorate the deeds of the recipient.
Copper Awld 2cp
Glanfathans use relatively large, crude copper coins called áild (“knot”) that are worth more than a Dyrwoodan pand due to their high copper content.
Silver Fenning 6cp
This large silver coin is used for large transactions in the Aedyr Empire and many of their colonial territories.
Silver Lusce 3cp
The most common Vailian coin found in the Dyrwood is the silver lusce (“fish”), so-named for its resemblance to the scales of a fish.
Golden Suole 9cp
The smallest gold coin used by the Vailian Republics, the suole (“sun”) is used for high-value transactions.
Copper Skeyt 1cp
The skeyt is the standard currency used in the Aedyr Empire and areas under their direct control. Like the Dyrwoodan pand, it is a small copper coin.
Golden Oble 18cp
A rare coin even in the Vailian Republics, the golden oble (“double”) is a large gold coin. It is mostly used by the extremely wealthy.
Golden Scelling 12cp
The golden Aedyre scelling is the equivalent of the Dyrwoodan duc, equal in size and value.
Copper Pand 1cp
This is a high-volume Dyrwoodan currency used in everyday trade and is the basis for most transactions.
Golden Duc 12cp
The golden duc is the only gold coin minted in the Dyrwood. They bear the faces of historical ducs of the Dyrwood, though most of them show the face of the first duc, Admeth Hadret.