Crafting ingredients are a special classification of items that are used only for crafting. They take up no space and are, therefore, always segregated from other items in the user interface and go directly into the Stash. All crafting ingredients are shared by the party and can be used by anyone at any time.

There are two main types of ingredients, creature parts and plants parts. Creature parts are usually retrieved from looting the corpse of fallen foes. Plants and Fungi can be retrieved in the wild, but are easy to miss. While exploring any map, press Tab to highlight collectible ingredients.

Creature Parts
Wurm Wing 4cp
Even at their youngest, dragons are dangerous creatures. This is the wing from a wurm, already impressive in its span.
Vithrack Brain 22cp
The large, gelatinous brain of a vithrack. Though the vithrack are known to possess impressive powers of the mind, there is no obvious source for said power on the brain’s wrinkled surface.
Vessel Flesh 12cp
The reeking flesh once held a bound soul. With its energy fading, the flesh is entering a rapid decay.
Vessel Bone 10cp
Once one of the bones to which a soul desperately clung, now it holds only traces of the life it held.
Troll Skin 10cp
The hide of a troll is formed of what appears to be several layers of thin vines, plants, and mulch, forming a thick, nearly impenetrable skin.
Stelgaer Tooth 20cp
Though not one of the large fangs for which stelgaers are famed, this sharp tooth is nonetheless impressive.
Spirit Residue 14cp
Faint, ethereal wisps of soul energy made manifest.
Spider Venom Sac 16cp
The mottled venom gland of a spider, bulging with deadly fluids.
Spear Spider Leg 4cp
Spear Spiders have long, tapering front limbs ending in a sharp point, which they use to impale their prey. This leg is covered in small, backward-facing barbs.
Skuldr Ear 10cp
The tattered ear of a skuldr.
Primal Wind 14cp
This whirling cloud of smoke and air flashes with occasional bursts of energy.
Primal Water 14cp
This water is pure and clear, and seems to be perpetually in motion, even when the vessel that carries it is at rest.
Primal Rock 14cp
A chiseled portion of rock, slate-gray and pocked with gleaming minerals. When set on the ground, it floats a small distance above the earth.
Primal Flame 14cp
This bright little flame leaps and sparks with magical energy.
Ooze Plasma 14cp
A congealed mass of thick and opaque jelly.
Ogre Blood 14cp
The potent blood of an ogre. It seems darker and thicker than the blood of smaller creatures, though similar in all other respects.
Drake Talon 12cp
Sickle-shaped and impressively sharp, this talon was removed from the slain body of a drake.
Binding Copper 8cp
These tight coils of gleaming copper are typically found in conjunction with adra, where they affect peculiar changes.
Beetle Shell 12cp
The segmented, armor-like shell of a very large beetle.
Awakened Wood 12cp
This irregular chunk of wood seems to hold a trace of life within it.
Awakened Root 10cp
A gnarled, twisting root, poised as if to snare the unwary.
Awakened Adra 18cp
A vibrantly-hued piece of adra, still humming with energy.
Dank Spores 16cp
These small, feather-thin spores have delicate, stinging barbs by which they cling to surfaces, passing creatures, and the inside of nostrils.
Sky Dragon Eye 24cp
Sky dragons are said to have almost supernatural vision, able to pick out the tiniest prey from far above the ground. Though clouded now with death, the iris of this massive eye retains its vibrant, green-gold sheen.
Adra Dragon Scale 24cp
Once full-grown, each dragon takes on the traits of the environment it has claimed as its kingdom, and the change is reflected in every aspect of its form. This shimmering scale is of a size to dwarf most shields, making of it a worthy trophy. It seems to be entirely comprised of adra, though it bears the same grooves and texture as might be found on a far smaller creature.
Plants and Fungi
Orlan’s Cradle 10cp
Named by Readceran settlers, who came upon the mushrooms in the forest, this thick, flat fungus grows along the base of large trees.
Pilgrim’s Crown 10cp
These small golden flowers grow across entire meadows in the plains of Ixamitl, and less commonly in the Dyrwood. They’re frequently woven into garlands and wreaths. Many a pair of infatuated youths has passed a Pilgrim’s Crown between them.
River Reed 10cp
These tall reeds grow along the creeks and rivers of the Dyrwood, where they often spook travelers with the eerie whistle of the wind through their stems.
Settler’s Arrow 10cp
These distinctive mushrooms are shaped like arrowheads, protruding from the side of tree trunks.
Skaenbone 10cp
These small blue-grey cap mushrooms are typically found growing under leaf litter, which has earned them an association with the Quiet Slave.
Springberry 10cp
Found on tall, distinctively shaped shrubs, these large pink berries are both sweet and frequently used in various medicines, not only to obscure the taste.
St Gyran’s Horn 10cp
A favorite of hummingbirds, these large, trumpet-shaped flowers are often found in gardens or used for decoration.
Admeth’s Wyrt 10cp
This distinctive herb is a common sight in open fields and meadows, bearing small, arrow-shaped leaves that encircle red flowers. It earned its name for its association with the final resting place of Admeth Haret, though the particulars of the story change with each retelling.
Berath’s Bell 10cp
This flowering plant has drooping flowers of a somber blue and gold shade. Both the sweet-smelling leaves and berries of the plant are known to be extremely poisonous, toxic to grazing animals and people alike.
Blood Moss 10cp
This moss grows in sprawling clumps, and its dull crimson hue earned it its name. It is a common sight in more humid regions, where locals say that the moss resembles wounds at the base of trees where it is found.
Burned Lady 10cp
Despite their humble appearance, these small brown mushrooms are prized for their taste. Their caps are round and distinctively shaped, with small circular depressions dotting the surface.
Cave Coral 10cp
This peculiar red fungus is typically found in damp caves. Its hollow, cagelike formations resemble sea coral, from which it takes its name.
Dyrcap 10cp
This small, unassuming white mushroom is a common sight in the Dyrwood.
Golden Celery 10cp
A common sight on Dyrwoodan farmland, these thick-stemmed plants are topped by clusters of small yellow flowers. They are commonly used for cooking, or the creation of Goldrot chew, derived from their roots.