Academics believe that pale elves (Glamfellen) left the northern hemisphere at least 9,000 years before the countdown. 1,200 years ago civilization was still extremely modest, not advanced.

Circa 300 AI

A tribe is formed by the human hunter society, known as “People of the Deer” (Aedyr) on a continent to the west of Dyrwood.

Circa 800 AI

The order of palace guards Darcozzi Paladini is formed.

The Glanfathans occupy Eir Glanfath.

Circa 1300 AI

Foundation of Grand Empire of Vailia.

Circa 2200 AI

The “People of the Deer” form the Aedyr Kingdom.

2260 AI

A group of Animancers in the Aedyr Kingdom transfers a soul into a dead body.

Animancy is outlawed in the Aedyr Kingdom.

2399 AI

The human Aedyr Kingdom merges with the elven kingdom of Kulklin, forming the Aedyr Empire.

2508 AI

Old Vailia suffers from a Lover’s Tide.

Glanfathan astronomers discover Cawldha Debh.

2602 AI

The Aedyr Empire expands east over the ocean, in a colonization effort in the Dyrwood region.

2623 AI

The Aedyr Empire founds the first permanent colony in the Dyrwood region.

The Grand Empire of Vailia expands north over the ocean, establishing the city states that would later become the Vailian Republics.

2626 AI

The Broken Stone War occurs.

2628 AI

Edrang Hadret becomes the new gréf of the Dyrwood.

2631 AI

The attacks of the Glanfathan against the Dyrwoodan ends.

2643 AI

Eothasian pilgrims, established colonies and vorlas farming operations in the territory of Readceras.

2648 AI

The Grand Empire of Vailia (Old Vailia) collapses, leading to war for dominance by the nations that once made up the empire.

The Vailian Republics become independent.

2652 AI

The War of the Black Trees occurs.

2654 AI

Edrang Hadret dies.

Admeth Hadret becomes the new gréf of the Dyrwood.

2654 AI

Admeth Hadret becomes the gréf palatine of the Dyrwood, making the Dyrwood a palatinate of the Aedyr Empire.

2662 AI

Ten Years Treaty is signed between the Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath. The treaty outlaws slavery in the Dyrwood and every slave is to be freed, but the owners will get money or land for their freed slaves.

2664 AI

Agents of the Aedyr Empire begin raiding the Engwithan ruins.

2665 AI

The agents of the Aedyr Empire are exposed.

2668 AI

A bloody revolution occurs in the Aedyr Empire duchy in the Dyrwood, later named the War of Defiance.

Circa 2670 AI

The Iroccian calendar, based on earlier Vailian calendars, is invented.

2672 AI

The War of Defiance ends and the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood becomes independent.

2681 AI

Animancy is studied again in the Dyrwood.

2704 AI

An animancer working in Baelreach accidentally shatters the souls of about a dozen volunteers, who had been helping him. In retaliation for the deaths, the citizens of the area storm his house and kill him.

Most animancers move from the rural areas where they were studying and settle in Defiance Bay, many of them choosing Brackenbury as their new home of operations.

Circa 2723 AI

Durgan’s Battery falls and with it the secret of making Durgan steel.

2737 AI

Some animancers enter the forbidden ruins of Eir Glanfath to further their research.

They discover some such sites have strange artifacts that seem to bear affinity to soul essence, and begin to prod at the devices for further insight. Even with continued research, they are unable to tell quite what they have discovered.

Eventually, they are found out by the Glanfathans and executed according to Glanfathan tradition.

The duc of the Dyrwood makes proclaims, that the study and practice of animancy on, or even near, the sacred Glanfathan sites, would be punishable by death.

2780 AI

The Dyrwoodan government allows some animancers to begin training and experiments in conjunction with the Glanfathan ‘mind hunters.’

Some animancers gain limited access to some of the training sites where the Glanfathans practiced.

2785 AI

Some brîshalgwin of Eir Glanfath receive training from Dyrwoodan animancers.

A revolution occurs in the Aedyr Empire duchy north of the Dyrwood.

The Aedyr Empire duchy north of the Dyrwood declares independence, establishing itself as the Penitential Regency of Readceras.

2800 AI

Dunryd Row is founded.

2808 AI

The Saint’s War informally ends when St. Waidwen is destroyed by a massive bomb north of Halgot Citadel.

Eothas stops communicating with his faithful.

2809 AI

The first Hollowborn are reported in the Dyrwood.

Animancers in the Dyrwood begin to implant animal souls in the Hollowborn. The children are called “saved.”

2814 AI

The first “saved” child becomes a Wicht upon entering puberty.

2823 AI

Pillars of Eternity begins.