Alcohol is relatively uncommon in the Dyrwood, often considered a dangerous byproduct of agriculture rather than a desirable commodity. Beer and ales are deemed tolerable (generally with very low alcohol by volume), but most folk frown on mead and hard spirits unless they are used for special purposes (as they are by Glanfathans). Wines are non-existent because grapes are unknown in the Dyrwood or any of the colonial territories.

Culturally, Aedyrans are generally uncomfortable with the use of alcohol and tend to be inexperienced with its effects. Vailians and Dyrwoodans are more comfortable with it, but still tend to be bowled over by hard spirits. Glanfathans are the most inured to the effects of alcohol because of ceremonial use, but also tend to be the strictest about its recreational use (not in laws, but in attitude).

Light narcotic use is more widespread. The most common places for consumption are still taverns where people are likely to consume beers and ales alongside some smoked, ingested, or imbibed narcotics. Violent drunkenness is considered “bad” by most cultures and the general lethargy of narcotics is preferred.


Svef is the Aedyran name for a potent narcotic produced from the berries of small shrub that grows in the dry, distant mountains of Tal Kness. Svef produces hallucinations and, according to some, allows users to actually see their own soul. The narcotic was introduced to the Aedyr long ago, but it is used more frequently in the Dyrwood due to its heavy trafficking by Vailian merchants.