Aedyr Empire

Located on the equator, thousands of miles across an ocean west of its former colonies in the Eastern Reach (Dyrwood and Readceras). Overwhelmingly human and elven population.

Deadfire Archipelago

A wide archipelago of small volcanic island nations, located far to the south of the Eastern Reach.


Home of many boreal dwarves and aumaua, this is the biggest and most stable nation in the Deadfire Archipelago.

Ixamitl Plains

Northeast of Eir Glanfath, the Ixamitl Plains are large expanses of fertile savannas. Mostly occupied by humans and orlans, though the orlans have a bad history with the humans.

Rauatai Gulf

Located in the northern hemisphere, this is the gulf to the north of Ixamitl Plains—the trade center for several nations of aumaua, orlans, and dwarves. The land is rich with resources, but hotly contested. The whole region is also relentlessly pummeled by storms for half the year.


Aumaua dominated culture that has the most powerful navy in the gulf.

The Living Lands

A frontier island area in the far north—a land of wild weather, strange beasts, and hundreds of difficult to reach valleys containing oddities never before seen by mortals. The racial mix in the area is extremely diverse, but not necessarily harmonious. Dwarves, propelled by their desire to explore, are very common here, even among the mix.

The White that Wends

A huge southern expanse of polar ice occupied only by pale elves, some boreal dwarves, and a few really brave individuals from other lands. It is considered mythic—or at least inhospitable—by most people from other areas. Virtually no plant life grows in the White, but somehow its residents manage to survive from year to year.

Old Vailia

Once the crown jewel of the southern seas, the crumbling island nations of Old Vailia sit thousands of miles to the southwest of their offshoot, the Vailian Republics. Humans and dwarves are common.